Request Email for Approval of Travel Expenses

Request letters or emails are written in various situations. Their purpose is to get some favor from the recipient. They may be written to ask for donations or volunteers in a charity drive or to get a loan approved. Request letters are also written to get a refund on a broken or damaged product.

They are also written to get any pending payments approved. One such case is when people travel on official assignments and they need to get their travel expenses released from the company.

Students traveling to other schools or cities to represent their school/college or university may also need to write request letters to get the travel expenses issued. Travel expenses include the cost of an air ticket or bus fare. They would also include the hotel charges and food expenses.

The letter would follow the format of a standard business letter and would begin with the contact information of the sender, followed by the date of sending the letter, and then the receiver’s contact information would be given. Mentioning the date is important for record-keeping purposes.

Then the subject of the letter is written so that the receiver can get to know what the letter is about in one glance. After that, the main body of the letter comes.

In this part, the sender explains the reason for writing the letter and after giving the background asks the receiver for a favor. If there is any time sensitivity to the demand, it is mentioned clearly. If you have any receipts, copies of the contract, or any other document which can help to strengthen your request, attach their copies to the letter.

The letter is then ended on a positive note and the sender puts his/her signature at the bottom. In the case of email, the digital signatures are added at the bottom.

It is always a good idea to edit and proofread the letter before sending as a poorly written letter is counter-productive and may end up harming the cause. As they are usually written to someone in an authoritative position, hence the tone should be polite and courteous yet formal.

The letter should be kept brief as that is more likely to be read and the request accepted if it does not take up too much of the receiver’s time.

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Dear Mr. [name]

I [name], [designation] in [department name] am writing to request you to approve my travel expenses. I am going to [country name] on [date] to attend the [name] conference on behalf of our company. I will present our company’s contributions in this field and share our experiences with the other delegates. Since it is an official assignment so as per the contract, the travel expenses would be covered by the company.

I am sharing an estimate of the amount including the price of the air ticket along with hotel fare and food and transport charges. Please consider this matter at your earliest as the conference is on[date] and I have to get all the tickets and hotel room booked before [date]. I would really appreciate it if you could give this issue your attention at the earliest.

Looking forward to your cooperation.

Request Email for Approval of Travel Expenses

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Dear Mr. Principal

I [name], the Head Coach of the football team, am glad to inform you that our school’s football team has qualified for the semi-finals of the Interschool football competition. The Semi-Finals are to be held in [city name] on [date]. Our team would be traveling there on [date]. I want to request you to please approve the travel expenses for the team which includes [number] students and [number] staff members.

The expenses would include the booking of air tickets, hotel reservations, food allowance, and transport charges for the vehicle to take us from the hotel to the venue and back.

Sir I would like to congratulate you once again on this achievement. It definitely has to do a lot with your personal interest, kind patronage, and encouragement that our Football team has come so far. The students are really excited and rooting for our team who are very motivated and excited. As their coach, I am very hopeful about reaching and winning the Finals. This is the first time our team has reached the semi-finals in the last ten years.

Sir the team has to reach [city name] by [date] so please approve the travel expenses so that we can proceed with the hotel reservations and ticket booking in time.

Looking forward to your consideration.

Request Email for Approval of Travel Expenses

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