Apology Letter after Resignation

Apology letters are written to express one’s regret over a mistake or an error. They may be written on a variety of occasions. They may be written by an organization or by an individual. Since in an apology letter you are asking for someone’s forgiveness so the tone should be formal yet polite.

You should clearly convey what you are apologizing for. As this conveys the impression that you have realized your mistake. Be genuine in your apology. The letter should not be very long.

In fact, it should be kept short and precise. However, it should include any important information you might have related to the incident. In the end, you should always assure the other person that you have learned from your mistakes and that your apology will reflect in your actions.

Sometimes when an employee makes a mistake in the workplace which is not forgivable the company requests them to put in their resignation. So that they are not fired and can still claim benefits. In such cases, the employee may write an apology letter after handing in their resignation.

In this letter, the ex-employee should clearly explain the incident from their point of view and tell the employee what they have learned from the incident. He/she should assure them that they will not repeat their mistakes and thank the employer for the opportunity to work for them.

In case of more grave offenses, the ex-employee can thank the employer for not initiating any legal proceedings against them.

The File

I wish to express my deepest regret over the incident that took place on (date). I was on duty that day as the head nurse. The doctor had informed me that the condition of patient number 13 was to be monitored very closely and in case of any change in his oxygen saturation levels or pulse, I was to inform Dr. (name) immediately.

It was a very busy shift as a lot of patients were coming in due to the heatwave. We were getting a lot of patients suffering from heat stroke and it was a very busy shift. So, I could not focus on the patient on bed number 13, and I was unable to notice when his condition worsened.

I realize that this is no excuse for ignoring the doctor’s direct command. I also realize that if the doctor (name 2) had not spotted the patient’s pulse rate falling below (number) and initiated the emergency procedure, the patient may have lost his life. I cannot put in words how ashamed and shaken I am by this incident.

I joined this profession with the intent to serve humanity and I have always tried to put my best into my work. This incident is as shocking to me as it is to you. I should not have let my attention wander. I fully realize that it was a very grave mistake that could have had very serious consequences. I respect the disciplinary committee’s decision and I have rendered my resignation.

In the end, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work in your wonderful hospital. I have learned a lot during this time. I wish that I was parting on a happier note. I will always remember the lessons I learned in this hospital.

I hope that you would be able to forgive my mistake and remember me for any good that I might have done here. I have always treated all my patients with utmost care and attention. I hope that this one incident of negligence will not wipe out all the good that I have tried to do while working for you.

Apology Letter for Late Submission of Assignment

Apology letters are written in a variety of situations. Their purpose is to ask for forgiveness for a mistake or error you may have committed deliberately or otherwise. It is always a good idea to apologize for realizing your mistake. The best apology is one that is timely and sincere so never delay writing an apology letter unnecessarily.

Also, be genuine in expressing your feelings. It does not have to be a long letter instead just tell why you are apologizing and why the incident happened. It is a good idea to follow up with what you have learned from this mistake. Reassure the recipient that you will not repeat this mistake and they will not have any complaints from you in the future.

When students are assigned a task, they are usually given a deadline to submit it. Some professors do not even accept an assignment if it is not submitted on time. Others deduct marks for a late submission.

If such a situation arises, the student should write the professor an apology letter and try to give a reason for being late. They should begin by apologizing and then explain the circumstances that led to being late. They should end the letter by assuring the professor that this would not happen again.

A similar situation may arise in a workplace when an employee gets late in submitting an assignment given to them. They should also explain why they got late and ask for their boss’s forgiveness. The tone of the letter should be polite and apologetic. The letter should be checked for grammatical and spelling errors, and it should be edited thoroughly before sending.

Letter Formats & Templates

Letter of Intent to Run for HOA Board

Homeowners living in the same locality in urban settings often join to form homeowner’s associations. These associations not only look after the rights of the homeowners but also ensure that any complaints from them are listened to and addressed immediately.

Every homeowner’s association has a board of directors that governs the running of its operations and ensures that all the rules of community living outlined in the policy documents are followed. The board usually consists of 3 to 5 members. These are the Head of HoA, the secretary of the homeowner’s association, and finally the treasurer. These members are elected by the homeowners through an election. The exact procedure for these elections is written in the policy of the HOA board.

When someone intends to run for an HOA board, they usually write a letter of intent addressed to the Head of the board but also aimed at everyone in the community so that they know what the options for the HOA board are. The person writing the letter can run for one of the three or five positions available on the board of directors. In this letter of intent, they would give a brief introduction.

They will mention how long they have been living in this society. They can also mention the problems or issues they see in the community which need to be addressed and which made them feel the need to run for a post on the HOA board.

They would clearly mention what post they intend to run for. They would also try to explain why they feel that they are eligible for running for this post and what difference they can make in this position.

Excuse Letter of Absence due to Family Together

An excuse letter is a letter of explanation in which a student or an employee explains the reason for their absence from work to the employer or the teacher. Since it is written to authority the tone is polite and respectful. Explain why you were absent and assure your employer that you will be regular from now onwards.

It is very important for students to be regular because if they come irregularly, they will miss studies and fall behind other students. Irregular students are not considered reliable, and they are not given any appointments like prefect or monitor, etc. In schools, frequent absentees are discouraged, and the students may even be fined for being absent without leave.

If a student misses school, they are usually required to take a leave beforehand. If they do not apply for a leave beforehand, they are required to write an excuse letter explaining their absence. This letter is addressed to the principal and its purpose is to ask forgiveness and assure the school authorities that you understand the importance of being regular and you were not absent unnecessarily.

As in all formal letters, thorough editing is compulsory to ensure that the letters do not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also adding unnecessary information just lengthens the letter and makes it less impactful. At the same time, you should not miss out on any important information.

Authorization Letter for Salary Deduction

An authorization letter is a letter written to give someone the authority to perform some tasks. For example, an authorization may be given to someone to collect important documents on someone else’s behalf. A person may authorize someone to receive payment on their behalf. When people move goods across the city, need to give the driver the authorization letter to move the goods.

It is a formal letter returned by someone in authority hence the tone is formal and serious. The letter should include all relevant details like the name of the person who is being authorized and the task for which the authorization is granted. If the authorization is for some time only, then the period should also be mentioned clearly.

Sometimes an employee makes a mistake for which they are given a penalty like a deduction in salary. This may happen when an employee damages office property due to negligence. Sometimes disciplinary faults like late arrival, not being regular, etc also result in salary deduction.

Many organizations have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deal with such situations. The employees are informed in advance about the consequences of their negligence and incompetence. When such a situation arises, the department head writes a letter to the finance department, authorizing the deduction of the salary of the employee.

All the important details like the exact amount to be deducted, the period for which the amount is to be deducted from the salary like one month, two months etcetera should be clearly mentioned in the letter.

Excuse Letter for Being Absent from Work due to Wedding

Regularity is one of the most prized qualities in an employee. When an employee is regular, he is considered reliable and responsible which is a prerequisite for important positions and responsibilities.

When an employee is absent from work without taking a leave first, it disturbs their team and slows them down. It affects the office environment negatively and it is considered very unprofessional. Therefore, if someone is absent from work due to a genuine reason, they are advised to write an excuse letter for their absence.

In this letter, they should explain the reason for the absence and any other relevant facts that might support their case and convince their employer that they were absent due to a genuine cause. If they have any evidence to support their claims, they should attach that with this letter.

This letter should not be delayed unnecessarily and should be written as soon as you come back to the office. The letter should be kept short and precise. It should be edited for any grammatical or spelling mistakes as these would make the letter look unprofessional.

Excuse Letter for Being Late to School for Late Wakeup

Excuse letters are written when a situation arises in which you have to explain your conduct or some incident that might have happened. These are usually written to someone in authority like your superior at work or in the case of students, to the teacher or principal. Since the excuse letters are written to people in authority, the tone of these letters should be formal yet polite. The employee giving the explanation should mention all the relevant details and apologize for their mistake.

Coming late to work or to school/college is a very bad habit. It is discouraged everywhere as it shows disorganization and slackness. These habits if not checked in time lead to failure in life and even the brightest person can not go far in life if they have this habit.

Punctuality is the most important trait of a successful person. Doubt being punctual you cannot be organized or trustworthy audience trustworthy. Students who are punctual always get better grades and are more respected by teachers and their fellow students alike.

If a student gets late occasionally, they usually write an explanation letter to the teacher or the principal explaining the reason for their late arrival. In this letter, they explain why they were late and ask for the principal’s forgiveness and assure them that this mistake will not be repeated. All the important details of the matter should be added to the letter and edit it thoroughly before sending it.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes should be avoided as they may prove to be counterproductive.

Hostile Work Environment Complaint Letter to Boss

Complaint letters are formal letters written to communicate a problem or an issue, the sender is facing someone in authority who has the power to resolve the issue. Complaint letters are a very effective way to resolve a problem you are facing. They are written for a variety of reasons.

They may be written to a company or a service provider by an individual or a company. These letters should have a formal and firm tone. The problem should be stated clearly while avoiding any extra details. All the facts and figures relevant to the issue should be mentioned. Any receipts or any proofs in the sender’s possession should be attached to the letter.

People belonging to different ethnicities, races, genders, and political and religious beliefs come together to work in an organization. To have a good work environment, it is very important that everyone is treated equally and if anyone says or does anything to offend or hurt another employee they are apprehended and reprimanded very strictly. A positive work environment affects the productivity of the employee and their mental peace and physical health.

It is very important to have a fair and positive work environment. If someone feels threatened, ridiculed, or insulted in the workplace, they have a right to write a complaint letter to the authorities and report the incident to the administration who are then supposed to deal with the complaint according to the company policy.

when someone is writing a complaint letter about a hostile work environment they should try to include as much evidence and witnesses of the different incidents as they can to make their case strong.

Acknowledgment Letter for Lending Money

An acknowledgment letter is written as a receipt of something you have received. It may be written after you have received your payment or collected the dues someone owed you.

An acknowledgment letter is also written when goods or products are delivered to the buyer. These may be written after you get a loan from someone. It is important to mention that these letters may be produced in Court as legal documents hence they should be written very carefully after being certain about all the facts and figures.

The documentation of financial interactions is very important to ensure transparency and fairness in dealing. When you lend money, you need to acknowledge this through a letter so that if any misunderstanding arises it can be used as a reference or evidence.

Money lending and borrowing is a very common practice in businesses, but it needs to be handled very carefully in such a way that there is no ambiguity and confusion as to the exact terms of lending. It is a formal letter written to recognize that you have borrowed money from a lender.

The amount you have taken, the date by which you have to return the loan, the interest rate everything should be clearly mentioned. These facts and figures should be double-checked for accuracy before sending the letter.

Also, no important detail should be left out. The debtor may also thank the lender for providing them with the funds they required at the time of need. They should also assure the lender that they will pay the loan back timely and the lender will face no issues in this regard.

See the samples below

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the fact that I have received an amount of (amount) on (date) from your Bank. As per the contract, I would return this loan within the next two years i.e., by (year) and an interest rate of (amount) percent would be charged on this amount. The loan would be returned in quarterly payments. In case the payment is not completed in two years, the interest rate would rise to (amount).

I need this loan for buying some machines, I am importing these from (country name) for my cotton factory. These machines are essential for the expansion of our operations. I am extremely grateful to your staff for making the entire process so swift and convenient. Without their efficiency, the entire process would have suffered an unnecessary delay.

I would refer my family and friends to your bank if they ever require a loan. Also, I would like to assure you that all the installations would be paid on time, and you will face no issue in this regard.

 In case of any queries please feel free to get in touch with me. You can call me at my phone number (phone number) or email at (email address).

Another sample…

I’m writing this letter to acknowledge receiving the amount from you on (date). This amount would be returned in monthly installments of (amount) over a period of (number) months at an interest rate of (rate). In case of a missed installment, the amount would be paid with the next month’s payment.

I am grateful to you for lending me the money in this emergency.

My father had a sudden heart attack and when he was rushed to the hospital, the cardiologists insisted that he must undergo open-heart surgery within a month or else there was an imminent danger to his life. I did not have the funds to pay for the surgery and was very worried as to how I would gather the required amount. When I requested funds, you were very kind and generous. I would never forget the way you helped me out in this difficult time.

I am happy to report that my father’s surgery is scheduled for (date) and the doctors are hopeful that he would make a full recovery. This wouldn’t have been possible without your generous help.

I assure you that I would return this loan on time, and you would have no issues in this regard. Forever in your debt.

Greeting Email (letter) to New Business Partner

Greeting emails are written to welcome someone or congratulate someone on religious festivals for example Christmas or Eid. When a new employee joins your firm or you have some visitors from another firm, you may write a greeting email to welcome them and give them an overview of the company. You should also give them the contact information of the employee who will be their contact person in the office. These emails help break the ice and help the new person get settled.

Greeting new business partners and welcoming them to the company is important so that they feel comfortable in the new environment. Also in these emails, basic information regarding the company and the program for their first day is shared. As the email is being written to welcome the new partner, the tone would be congratulatory and polite.

The letter must be edited thoroughly, and it should not be very long. Ensure that there is no grammatical or spelling mistake as it would leave a bad impression on the new partner and make the organization look unprofessional and the workers slack. Add contact information for clarity or for making any changes the partner may require.

Save File -1

I want to welcome you to our company as a business partner on behalf of all the employees and the board of directors. I would start by congratulating you on your selection.

When we had announced that we were going to take on a new partner we had more than fifty applicants who wanted to be a part of our organization. Your selection came after a thorough vetting process. In the subsequent interviews, it was clear that you are the best person to join us as a partner as your vision is in line with our goals for the future.

Also, your magnificent record including the way you pulled (name) company out of losses and made its place in the market despite fierce competition is a corporate legend. Similarly, the (brand) you launched gained record success in a very short time.

We at (organization name) value these experiences and we are sure that they would prove to be an asset to our organization’s growth.

We have planned an orientation session for you. The board of directors would be in attendance, and you would be formally introduced to them. After that, we have planned a welcome lunch which would be followed by a tour of the main office in which you would meet the people who would be working for you, and you would also be shown your office space.

If you want to make any changes to the date or time, please get in touch with me at (phone number) or (email address).

We are excited to have you and look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Save File -2

We are glad to announce that our board of directors has approved your proposal and we want to welcome you as our business partner. As you know that our company is one of the oldest and most respected names in the textile industry of our country. We are governed by a board of directors having shares in the industry. All major decisions are taken after consultation with these directors. The day-to-day running is managed by executive directors.

Your experience of working with the latest machinery and new techniques is one of the highlights for us and we really look forward to growing with your expertise and kind guidance when you join us as a partner in the business.

We are planning an orientation session for you on (date) at (time). In this session, you would be given an overview of all our major ongoing projects and the goals we have in mind for the future. We have a very specific project in mind for your special consideration involving the incorporation of the latest printing techniques.

In case of any query or if you want some change in the date or time of the orientation, please feel free to get in touch with me by call (on phone number) or mail me at (email address).