Address Change Notification Letter

Many of the services we need in day-to-day life are delivered at our homes, for example, a mineral water company requires your address for the weekly water delivery. Children’s schools require the address to deliver the fee challans, results, and other documents related to their studies.

Banks require the current address of the customers for delivering bank statements and other important documents. Similarly, newspapers and other online subscriptions which arrive monthly/weekly all require the correct home address to make the deliveries timely.

Similarly, in business, it is important that all the contacts be it the customers or the suppliers, should have an accurate address to avoid any confusion or loss. Hence, it is important that whether you shift your home or business all your contacts should have the new address in time.

An easy way to ensure that everyone gets to know about this change is by writing a formal letter. The letter announcing the change of address should have a formal tone and it should clearly state the last date up to which you are using the last address and the date after which the new address is to be used. It should include the complete new address along with complete street addresses and the area zip code.

The language used should be formal and clear. Do not give out unnecessary or unrelated information. Keep it short and concise while communicating all the relevant details. Use neither slang nor very flowery language. Another important point to remember is how to address the letter.

The letter should be addressed to the proper authority who can ensure that the delivery address is changed timely. In the case of businesses, a change of address notification should be sent on the company letterhead so that it is taken seriously and given due importance. The address on the letterhead should also be changed accordingly.

The exact contents of the letter would differ slightly depending on whether it is being written by an individual or a business but generally, the following pattern would be followed.

  1. Greeting: As mentioned before, the letter should be addressed to the appropriate person who is responsible to keep a track of the customer’s address in the respective company’s records. You can greet the other person using the formal title like ‘Respected General Manager’ or they can be addressed by their name for example ‘Dear Mr.[name]’.
  2. Introduction: The next step would be the writer’s introduction. It must be stated clearly who is writing the letter. It should also be clarified; what services the writer was taking from the recipient. Also, the old address at which the deliveries were being made should be mentioned. In the case of businesses, the employee writing the letter should also mention their department name.
  3. Main body: After this, the new address is given. The address should be complete and there should be no ambiguities. For example, if there are multiple street names mention both. Or if there is any famous landmark which can be used for finding the address quickly, it should be mentioned for example ‘ABC road next to the XYZ market’. The address should include the phone number so that if the mailman/ delivery man cannot find the address they can call and inquire about the exact whereabouts. It should also include the date of shifting or the date after which the new address would become effective.
  4. Closing statement: The letter should end on a positive note giving a contact number to resolve any queries.
  5. Salutations: In the end, the name of the sender should be written.

A sample letter

Subject: Address change notification for [X[

Dear Mr. [name]

I [name] am a resident of [address] and we get our drinking water from your company. Our account reference number is [number].  I am writing to inform you that we are shifting our home and would like to continue getting water from you at the new address.

Our new address is as under:

House no: [number],
Street [name],
[Area name]
[city name]
[phone number]

Looking forward to continued business with you.

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