Commendation for a Good Suggestion from an Employee

When the employer compliments or appreciates an employee, it increases the employee’s confidence level and makes them feel appreciated. It is important that the employees are praised for good performance and if they do anything that adds value to the company it should be acknowledged as an employee who is appreciated always puts in more effort and works with more dedication in the future.

Praise makes them realize that their work is seen, and their efforts are valued which motivates them to do better. The office atmosphere and team relations also improve when team members feel that the work they do is prized.

These factors directly affect employees’ satisfaction with the job which in turn affects their productivity. Hence, it is always a good idea to commend an employee for a job well done. Praising one employee encourages other employees to work hard too.

A commendation letter is a formal letter written to praise an employee for their contributions. The tone of the letter would be congratulatory and positive but formal. keep the length of the letter short but, it is important that you clearly mention the reason why you are appreciating the employee so that they know what your expectations are and how they can further improve their performance.

The language used should be straightforward and positive. Edit the letter thoroughly to remove unnecessary details and proofread it before sending.

Save -1:

I want to appreciate you for the wonderful suggestion you gave during the staff meeting held on [date] to tackle the problem of students’ nonseriousness before exams. This is a huge issue for the school as bad results affect the school’s reputation as well as the teacher’s GPA which is taken to be a direct measure of their teaching ability.

It is also a fact that no matter how good a teacher is if the students do not put in the required effort, they can never get a good result. The student’s bad performance in the first term exam forced us to call a brainstorming session on how to tackle this issue.

As teachers interact daily with the students and know them very well, they are the best guides on how to deal with their non-serious attitude. Your suggestion to invite the parents for a meeting and present the problem to them and make them a partner in this process was excellent.

Further discussions on your suggestion resulted in the making of a WhatsApp group and on that group, the daily attendance and the classwork and homework were updated along with the results of surprise tests.

The parents were to ensure that their child did all the work assigned for the day and was regular in school. Now a month has passed since these changes were implemented and we are proud to say that they have made a huge difference in the student’s attitude and performance as proved by their monthly test results.

We want to compliment you on this excellent suggestion. No institution can run smoothly without the positive contribution and personal interest of its staff. Parents, teachers, and students must work together as a team to ensure that the students stay focused and perform well.

Your contribution is really appreciated. A good idea given with good intentions and with the knowledge of the background of the situation has immense power as proved by this event. Thank you for taking such a keen interest and for sharing such a good idea. Keep up the good work!!

Save -2:

I am writing to commend you for your excellent suggestion during the meeting held on [date]. Due to Covid and the subsequent lockdowns, the project completion got delayed. The client was not willing to acknowledge that this delay was not due to our negligence but due to various factors beyond our control and they wanted us to pay a hefty fine for late completion.

The delay was inevitable due to the unavailability of labor during the lockdowns and then due to the late delivery of the raw materials due to the lockdown in [city name] from where the raw materials were being sourced.

You suggested that the client should send their own team, who would then go over all the progress from the start and judge independently whether the fine was justified or not. This suggestion was welcomed by both parties and the client agreed to send a team to analyze and assess the situation.

We are confident that their findings would support our claim, as we have honestly gone above and beyond our ability to get the project completed in time but due to the pandemic, it was nearly impossible.

We are very proud of the fact that you presented such a good suggestion spontaneously. The ability to think in a crisis or emergency is a very rare quality and to stay calm when the other party is being unreasonable and convince them of your point of view is the sign of a great leader.

Therefore, we see great leadership qualities in you. We want to commend you and inform you that your efforts are valued and we appreciate your hard work and dedication.