Letter to Support Employee Immigration Application

When companies hire employees from other countries, they have to help them through the immigration process. This is a long and tedious process and writing a letter supporting the employee is just the first step of this process and it is not possible without the company taking a personal interest.

The employer must prove that it is a job that requires special skills and cannot be performed without the employee they are requesting to immigrate. They also must prove that the person they have hired has a good character and that letting them enter the country is not a security risk.

A letter written to support the immigration procedure of an employee should include the complete details of the employee Including their date of birth, place of birth, and educational qualification. The date on which they took the job test, their position on the merit list, and the date of their interview when they were finally selected.

Adding all these details would help the immigration officers in reaching a positive conclusion that the person being nominated should be granted immigration.

These are formal letters so the tone should be formal but polite. Edit the letter thoroughly before sending it and ensure that all the facts and figures mentioned are accurate and current.


I am writing to extend my support for Mr. (name) who has applied for immigration. Mr. (name) is a valued employee in our (country name) office and he has been working for us for the last (number) years. He was hired on (date) as (designation).

In (year) he was promoted to the (designation). He has headed many landmark projects for our organization including (Project name). He has proved his command in cloud programming, repeatedly in different projects and we feel that he would be best suited to head our new project based in (country name) branch. This project will not only help conserve energy but also be the first step in resolving the current energy crisis.

Mr. (name) has been working for us for a long time and we have found him to be an honest, competent and a very hardworking person. He is of good character and an excellent mentor.

His professionalism, attention to detail, thoroughness, and dedication is something we have witnessed over the years. He has proven himself to be a very valuable employee. We trust him completely or else we would not recommend his immigration.

We want to assure you that giving immigration to him and his immediate family, would be a very good step as competent and hardworking people like him help build our nation. His immediate family includes his wife and two children who are under ten years of age.

For any further queries, feel free to contact me at my phone number (phone number) or mail me at my (email address).


I am writing to you on behalf of (hospital name) in (city). As you must be aware that we have a huge and world-famous oncology department. We have just hired Dr. (name) as a consultant in pediatric cancer. He has a vast experience in this field and has a practice spanning over the last two decades.

It would be an honor to have all that precious experience at our disposal. We are especially excited because he is one of the pioneers in the use of plasma cell therapy. Our patients would greatly benefit from these targeted therapies and even patients from other cities would travel to our hospital to get these treatments as they are not available in our country.

We want to urge you to hasten the process of immigration for Dr. (name) and his wife. Apart from being an excellent doctor, he is also a wonderful human, and his philanthropic contributions are known to all.

His character needs no certificate from us as he is known the world over for his work and personality. In case of any further queries, feel free to get in touch with us on our official hospital number (Number) or email us at (email).

Looking forward to your positive response.