Warning Letter for Misuse of Company Vehicle

Often companies give certain perks to their employees to reward them for good performance. Some perks are permanently attached to certain posts to make the post attractive enough so that the best talent in the market comes and joins your firm instead of your competitors.

These perks may include a company vehicle given to the employee for personal use, it may include company mobile or laptop. Then there are certain privileges like office commute that are provided by the company. Some companies give out free internet and mobile packages.

All of these perks are given with the assumption that they would be used conscientiously. If the employee is found to be guilty of misuse they are given a warning. Continued misuse results in disciplinary action against the employee.

Warning letters are written in a variety of situations and their aim is to caution the employee about the consequences of their actions and to reprimand them. They are written by an HR official in a formal and firm tone. They explain the issue at hand clearly and ask for an explanation. Also calling for an immediate change of behavior and informing about the consequences if the practice is not changed.

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Dear Mr. [name]

Subject: warning letter for misuse of company vehicle during [XYZ]

You were appointed as [designation] on [ date] and one of the perks of this post is a company vehicle which is given to you for your personal use. There is a ceiling on the fuel that would be provided by the company, any additional fuel used and the vehicle’s maintenance is the employee’s responsibility.

In addition, the vehicle is to be reviewed by the company to confirm that it is not being misused and is being maintained properly.

It was during these routine check-ups that it was discovered that you are not maintaining the vehicle properly and it is in really bad condition. The seats are ripped and stained. The AC vents have been damaged and the doors are scratched. The front bumper has dents. You were given the car in very good condition and this is not acceptable at all. It is a highly unethical and irresponsible attitude and we expected better from a professional like you.

The expenses incurred in getting the car repaired would be deducted from your pay over a period of two months. Due to this incident, your vehicle checking would now be monthly. In case of a repetition of this behavior, disciplinary action would be taken against you.

Looking forward to more responsible behavior from now onwards.

Warning Letter for Misuse of Company Vehicle

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Dear Mr. [name]

Subject: Warning letter for misuse of a company vehicle on [XYZ]

We offer our employees different benefits in reward for good performance. You were given a commuting facility and an official vehicle for traveling on official commitments. These perks are given in good faith with the assumption that they would be used responsibly and carefully.

However, we have been informed by the finance department that you have been using the vehicle very irresponsibly and you cross your monthly ceiling on fuel consumption and then send claims for more fuel.

Also, this vehicle is for official use strictly however there have been complaints that you have been using it for personal use which is highly unethical and inappropriate. As you are well aware that all company vehicles are installed with dashboard cameras which allow us to monitor and track the movement of the vehicle. The installation of these cameras and tracking software was communicated to you in written form still such recklessness is very disappointing.

This letter is to warn you against the ill use of the company vehicle as this is a perk that comes with the post and when you are promoted or leave this post, it would be passed on to the next employee. Be reasonable in its use and pay for the fuel bills (above the ceiling) yourself as they would not be footed by the company.

We hope that you realize the gravity of the matter and try to change for the better and that we do not have to take disciplinary action against you. In extreme cases, this may result in withdrawing this privilege as per the contract.

Looking forward to your consideration and understanding.

Warning Letter for Misuse of Company Vehicle

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