Letter of Introduction for Research Project

What is a letter of introduction for a research project?

It is a formal letter in which the sender has to write his introduction. It is important to remember that this letter always targets a particular research project.

What is the purpose?

The main objective of this letter is to let the recipient of the letter know that you are the best fit for the research project that has been stated him. Giving an introduction ensures that you have proved that you have enough knowledge that will support you when you start working on the research project.

In some cases, you are asked to write the introduction because you have initially shown interest in the project and the targeted person wants to know about it. Sometimes, you write your introduction on your own because you felt that giving your introduction can help you convince the reader into choosing you for the project you are targeting. No matter you a solicited letter or unsolicited, make sure that it serves the purpose.

What information should be provided?

If you are not sure about the kind of information that you need to add to this letter, you can read the purpose of the letter. This will make it clear to you what you should write.  Make sure that the following information is mentioned in the letter.

Your introduction:

Give your details including your name, your contact details, the position you are working on, the duration of your job experience and some other relevant details that you think can impact the reader’s decision.

Your academic background:

It is very important to let the reader know about your academic background. In this part of the letter, you will tell him about your qualification, the university at which you completed your degree, and your grades (if necessary). 

Your research background:

This is the most important part of the letter because here you give your background in the research area. The reader wants to know about your experience in the research area he is initiating the project. If you have any sort of experience regarding this, you should hesitate to share that.

When you write about your history in research, make sure that you have the targeted project in mind. Even if your area of research is slightly different from the project, you can tailor your introduction to the needs of the recipient.

Main points to remember:

  1. Your introduction should not include irrelevant details that reader finds hard to read
  2. Your letter should circulate to the research project you are writing your introduction for. If you go off the track, you will lose the charm no matter how strong your profile is.
  3. Enlist the projects you have worked on in the past and mention them as your achievements

The sample letter given below is an introduction letter that will tell you how you can write your introduction

Sample letter:

I am Mr. Adams working in the IT department for three years. I am interested in the research project your company has initiated in the area of machine learning. I have completed my MS in software engineering with a research background in machine learning. I believe that I can be a very competent researcher and my contribution will be different from the research you initiated.

I have worked for 5 years in various research positions at ABC University. I have also worked as a research assistant of Prof. Johnsons, one of the leading names in the IT industry due to his publications.

On the technical side, I have gained technical experience working in the area of software engineering with the aid of using various python related tools. I am adept at programming languages. I have also worked in a collaborative environment. Hence, I have plenty of knowledge to meet the overall research goals of the industry. I believe that my presence in your research group will make a difference.

If you want to know anything else about me, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to a positive response from your side.

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