Complaint Letter for Illegal Parking

Every community follows some rules for smooth functioning so that the residents can live in a shared space without friction or conflict. Parking is often a contentious issue so every community has some parking laws in place. If the parking laws are not followed and others’ parking space is not respected there is bound to be friction among neighbors.

Usually, communities are monitored by a committee whose job is to ensure that everyone is following the rules and regulations and no one is bothering others. When conflict arises, these community elders or committees are approached by writing a complaint letter.

 A complaint letter is a formal letter that is written to communicate one’s problems to the authorities which can resolve the issue. When writing a complaint letter, the tone should be respectful but firm. Try to explain the problem without accusing anyone or offending anyone.

Share your concerns in detail and how the said issue is disturbing you but avoid getting emotional or confrontational. Try to communicate the gravity of the situation while being open to negotiating the solution.

Since it is a formal letter it would start with the sender’s name and address followed by the date and then the receiver’s name and address. After that, the receiver is greeted by their name or title. The subject line follows the greeting. Then comes the main body of the letter. It is in this part that you explain the problem you are facing and gives any evidence you might have along with dates and times. The letter is then concluded with the hope that the issue would be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.

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Subject: Complaint Letter on illegal parking at [XYZ]

I am a resident of [address] and as you know that the newly constructed shopping mall is present right across the road so a lot of people instead of parking their cars in the properly allocated parking space, park their cars in front of our house and leave for hours. Often they even block the entrance to my house.

Also, they throw litter out of their cars and our street is constantly dirty due to this. It is really causing us a lot of inconveniences and there is no privacy as strangers are roaming our street all the time. we are worried about the safety of our younger children and do not allow them to step out of the house alone.

In the master plan, the entrance for the plaza was kept away from the residential area and the opposite gates were to be opened. The road leading to the residential area was to be cordoned off so that people visiting the plaza could not enter or park in our street. I have no idea why this plan is not being put in place as this would immediately cater to a lot of our issues and solve a lot of our problems.

Please look into this matter at the earliest as it is causing a lot of stress and friction in our neighborhood and results in arguments every other day.

Looking forward to your swift response.

Complaint Letter for Illegal Parking

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Subject: Complaint Letter on illegal parking at [ABC]

I am a resident of [address]. I have been living in this apartment for the last [number] years. The residents always followed the parking laws and hence there was never an issue but now the new tenants in blocks [number] and [number] are very careless about these rules and this is causing a lot of problems for the rest of the community.

The cars are parked so haphazardly that it becomes difficult to take the car out of the parking and onto the main road and vice versa. There is no concept of a fixed parking space and people randomly park their cars in any spot they find empty. This problem is really getting out of hand as arguments break out every other day and it is only a matter of time before they result in a serious rift in the community. Please address this issue at the earliest as the situation is becoming increasingly worse.

Looking forward to your positive response.

Complaint Letter for Illegal Parking

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