Greeting Email (letter) to New Business Partner

Greeting emails are written to welcome someone or congratulate someone on religious festivals for example Christmas or Eid. When a new employee joins your firm or you have some visitors from another firm, you may write a greeting email to welcome them and give them an overview of the company. You should also give them the contact information of the employee who will be their contact person in the office. These emails help break the ice and help the new person get settled.

Greeting new business partners and welcoming them to the company is important so that they feel comfortable in the new environment. Also in these emails, basic information regarding the company and the program for their first day is shared. As the email is being written to welcome the new partner, the tone would be congratulatory and polite.

The letter must be edited thoroughly, and it should not be very long. Ensure that there is no grammatical or spelling mistake as it would leave a bad impression on the new partner and make the organization look unprofessional and the workers slack. Add contact information for clarity or for making any changes the partner may require.

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I want to welcome you to our company as a business partner on behalf of all the employees and the board of directors. I would start by congratulating you on your selection.

When we had announced that we were going to take on a new partner we had more than fifty applicants who wanted to be a part of our organization. Your selection came after a thorough vetting process. In the subsequent interviews, it was clear that you are the best person to join us as a partner as your vision is in line with our goals for the future.

Also, your magnificent record including the way you pulled (name) company out of losses and made its place in the market despite fierce competition is a corporate legend. Similarly, the (brand) you launched gained record success in a very short time.

We at (organization name) value these experiences and we are sure that they would prove to be an asset to our organization’s growth.

We have planned an orientation session for you. The board of directors would be in attendance, and you would be formally introduced to them. After that, we have planned a welcome lunch which would be followed by a tour of the main office in which you would meet the people who would be working for you, and you would also be shown your office space.

If you want to make any changes to the date or time, please get in touch with me at (phone number) or (email address).

We are excited to have you and look forward to many years of a mutually beneficial working relationship.

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We are glad to announce that our board of directors has approved your proposal and we want to welcome you as our business partner. As you know that our company is one of the oldest and most respected names in the textile industry of our country. We are governed by a board of directors having shares in the industry. All major decisions are taken after consultation with these directors. The day-to-day running is managed by executive directors.

Your experience of working with the latest machinery and new techniques is one of the highlights for us and we really look forward to growing with your expertise and kind guidance when you join us as a partner in the business.

We are planning an orientation session for you on (date) at (time). In this session, you would be given an overview of all our major ongoing projects and the goals we have in mind for the future. We have a very specific project in mind for your special consideration involving the incorporation of the latest printing techniques.

In case of any query or if you want some change in the date or time of the orientation, please feel free to get in touch with me by call (on phone number) or mail me at (email address).