Termination Letter for Cheating the Company

Every company has some rules and regulations which govern the day-to-day running and these rules define the role and duties of employees. They define what is allowed and what is not allowed also how the company would deal with minor mistakes or major offenses of the employees is clearly defined in advance.

For small issues, the employee may be given a warning letter or they may be fined but some offenses are unforgivable and result in the termination of the employee. This is important to maintain order in the organization and stop people from misappropriations and negligence.

Termination letters are written in various situations. when an employee is found:

  • to be guilty of behavior injurious to the reputation of the company.
  • to be guilty of deliberately causing loss to the company.
  • to sell out the trade secrets.  
  • to be cheating the company with time or money or both.

In all these cases, the human resource department conducts a thorough investigation, as a fair investigation and a chance to give an explanation is every employee’s right after that if the employee is found guilty, a termination letter is issued. Some important points that must be mentioned in the termination letter are as under:

  • The employee who is terminated should be clearly told exactly what their offense was.
  • They should be told whether they would get severance pay or not. This decision depends on the nature and severity of their offense.
  • A reminder should be given if any confidentiality clause was present in the employment contract.
  • The date of termination and the date till which the employee is entitled to pay must be mentioned clearly.
  • The contact information of the person who would deal with the clearance of any remaining financial dues must be given.
  • Give a deadline to return any company facility like a car, computer, etc. provided to the employee.

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Mr. /Mrs. [name]

I [name], [designation] from Human Resource Department am writing to inform you that the disciplinary committee has reached a decision in regards to the investigation of charges leveled against you. We regret to inform you that you have been found guilty of cheating the company and hence you are being terminated with immediate effect. You were given a fair chance to defend yourself however the evidence against you is very strong.

It was your responsibility to oversee the shipment of the cotton bales leaving the factory and ensure that nothing leaves the factory without proper documentation. You abused your power to smuggle out a significant chunk of the product and sold them for personal profit. This highly unethical and inappropriate behavior cannot be tolerated and we are extremely disappointed in you.

Tomorrow i.e. [Date] is your termination date and you are not allowed to enter the premises after this date. You are not eligible for this month’s salary and your provident fund, as per the [number] clause of your employment contract. In addition, you have to pay a fine of [amount] by [date]. The company reserves the right to take legal action against you if you fail to comply.

We would like to remind you that you are bound by the non-disclosure clause in the employment contract and if we find any evidence to the contrary, we are going to take strict legal action. Please return the company laptop within three days of receiving the termination letter.

We are attaching the disciplinary committee’s written report. We advise you to go through it thoroughly and work on the error of your ways.

Save -2:

Mrs. [name]

I regret to inform you that you have been terminated with immediate effect. You have been found guilty of stealing the salon’s equipment and beauty products. The complaint against you was thoroughly investigated and I have reached this decision after seeing the security camera footage in which you can be clearly seen, putting the facial creams and scrubs in your bag.

I have also come to know that this was not a one-time offense but there are multiple videos of your thievery. A few customers have also come up with the claim that you offered them salon products at a discounted rate if they were to buy them from you.

This is a highly unscrupulous and unethical practice and I have zero tolerance for this type of cheating in my beauty salon. I trust my employees and this trust is important for the smooth operation of the business.

At the same time, it is very important to have zero tolerance for cheating as one bad apple spoils the lot. I do not want my hardworking and honest team to get corrupted by your example.

As your cheating has been proved, you no longer deserve severance pay or any other benefits as per the employment contract. Your termination is with immediate effect and you are banned from entering the premises.

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