Letter Complimenting a Hotel Services

A letter complimenting a service serves to inform the service provider that their efforts are appreciated. The customer’s appreciation motivates them to perform even better in the future.

A complimentary letter is a formal letter written to appreciate a service provider if you have a good experience at their restaurant, carwash, laundry, or salon. Similarly, if a customer enjoys his/her hotel stay, they may write a complimentary letter to the hotel management.

As it is a formal letter so it will follow the standard format of a formal letter. In the main body of the letter, the customer would start with the date when they visited the hotel and write about the highlights of their visit i.e., what did they enjoy the most and what is the reason for appreciating the service.

They may mention the name of a waiter or receptionist or any other hotel employee who helped them out or who made their stay comfortable. The letter is usually ended on a positive note with the customer expressing the wish to visit them again soon and wishing them all the best for the future.

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Subject: Compliments on excellent service

I stayed in your hotel with my family from (date) to (date). The purpose of my visit to (city name) was some professional commitments but my family came along in the hope of sightseeing. I was concerned that they would get bored because I had a busy schedule at work. When we reached your hotel, the manager on duty greeted us and showed us our rooms.

When I enquired about any local attractions or tour groups that my family could join while I was busy attending official meetings, he assured me that he would look for something appropriate and let me know soon.

The next morning, he sent up plans for 2 different trips and asked my family to select the one that they fancied more. My family chose to go on a visit to the nearby fish farm. When I joined them in the evening, I was delighted to hear that they had a very good time.

It was only possible due to the manager’s personal interest that all the days of our stay were full of interesting events and similar outings for my family. I would also like to mention one more thing that made our stay very enjoyable.

My daughter has food allergies, which were communicated at check-in, and we are glad to report that during our entire stay all those points were kept in mind, and we had no complaints regarding food. We want to compliment you on the excellent service that you provide.

 Your entire staff and especially your manager Mr. (name) is very well-trained and efficient. They take an active interest in the hotel guests and treat them with the utmost respect.

We enjoyed our trip and if we visit (name of the city) again, we would love to stay at your hotel again. Please pay our compliments to all the hotel staff and keep up the good work!!

Letter Complimenting a Hotel service

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I stayed in your hotel from (date) to (date) with my elderly parents as we were attending a wedding in the city. I was very concerned about my parent’s comfort during their stay. As I had heard a lot of good things about your hotel, I selected it for our stay. I’m glad to say that we found it up to the mark and the hype to be correct.

My parents have a lot of health issues, and I was really concerned that their stay should be as comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy the wedding festivities without getting overtired and without being disturbed by other issues. Your staff ensured that their stay was comfortable, and they did not face any inconvenience.

I would especially like to compliment Mr.’s name. On the night of (date), as we came back from the wedding, my father felt a sudden sharp pain in his left arm. We got worried but Mr. (name) who was the manager on duty at the time called the hotel doctor and ensured that my father was well taken care of. We would always remember the concern and care that he showed.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the hotel staff who took such good care of my parents and ensured that we had a very comfortable stay. Whenever we visit the city again, (hotel name) would be our first choice to stay. Keep up the good work!!

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Letter Complimenting a Hotel service

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