Golf Tournament Announcement Letter

The purpose of an announcement letter is to inform people about any development which concerns them. It would include all the relevant information people would need considering the development. They can be written to announce a wedding or to publicize the hiring or promotion of a new employee. They can be written to launch a new product or a service or a new job opening or any upcoming event.

Letters are also written to convey news like the death or termination of an employee. Announcement letters can be classified according to their purpose or intended audience. Generally, they are categorized as Personal Announcement Letters and Professional Announcement letters.

As the names show personal announcement letters are written by individuals and professional announcement letters are written by businesses. According to the type of the announcement letter, their exact contents would vary but a general outline is as under:

The letter would begin with greeting the intended audience. In case of an announcement to the public phrases like, ‘Dear All’, ‘Dear Staff’ and ‘Dear Customers’, etc. may be used. Then you should proceed to make the actual announcement in clear and concise words. There should not be any ambiguity so that anyone who reads the letter should be clear about the purpose of writing.

At the same time do not miss out on any important information either. For example, the time, venue, and other details in case of an event announcement. Do not add any unnecessary details to avoid ambiguity. If you are announcing a negative or unpleasant development, keep the tone positive.

It is important to mention all the benefits the event would have for the recipients of the letter. In case of a spring festival, winter gala, or sports event; list all the activities and the different types of stalls that would be there. The purpose of the letter is to spread the news about the subject of your announcement and that can be done best by providing all the relevant information and making it attractive to the public/ employees/ audience of the letter.

One of the commonly held sports events is a Golf tournament. Golf is a game that brings people together in a relaxed and amiable environment to interact and enjoy. Golfing tournaments are great as fundraising events. They are also a great option for alumni reunions. Clubs may also organize these tournaments to encourage and attract new people to become golfers.

When writing a letter to announce a golf tournament, the following points should be clear:

  1. The format of the golfing event: the announcement letter should state clearly what type of golfing event is being organized whether it is Shotgun, Crossover, or standard.
  2. The scoring format should also be announced: The difficulty of the game is directly affected by the way the game is scored. It should be clearly mentioned what scoring format is used. Matchplay, Scramble, Alternate Shot, and four-ball are some of the common formats used at these tournaments. Select the one best suited to your event according to the capability of the players and the type of event you are planning.
  3. Tournament type:

There are three tournament types that pass through a course at one time.

  • The corporate event
    • The league or society
    • The competitive event

It is important that you clearly mention the type of event you are organizing to attract the correct audience. First-time golfers would not enjoy a competitive event and vice versa. Similarly, the type of event you are organizing would be based on the age group you are targeting, and it should be clearly mentioned.


I [name] am pleased to announce that our NGO ‘Sweet Life’ is organizing a Golf Competition to raise funds for the poor diabetic patients in our area. As you know that diabetes is a very expensive disease. The daily insulin injections, testing strips, and other tests; the cost keep building up and it is very difficult for people already struggling with finances to survive this disease. Our NGO is sponsoring [number] patients through our [name] project and we want to raise this number by [number] percent.

To this end, we have planned a fun-filled event on [date] for you and your families, ‘A day of Golf’. As the name suggests it is a non-competitive, relaxed day of golfing for all age groups. Our experts would be there to give any new golfers classes and guide them. All the golfing equipment would be provided by us on payment of a nominal fee of [amount]. After paying an entry fee of [amount] you can enjoy an entire day of golf with friends and family with free food and drinks.

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