Authorization Letter to Claim Passport

Your passport is something that you need at the airport. it is proof of your nationality and identity as well. There are lots of such situations in which you need to show the passport and also when there is a need to prove your identity along with the Id card.

In some cases, the passport acts as a substitute for the identity card. If you are in the need to get the passport from the passport office but you are unavailable and you know the passport office’s policy to hand over the passport to only the holder of that document, you will have to write an authorization letter to claim the passport.

This is a formal letter that you write to concerned authorities to inform them that you are allowing a person to act on your behalf and collect the passport from the office that you were supposed to collect. This letter has a lot of significance since it allows some critical actions to be taken by someone.

It is important to ensure that you write the permission letter to only those authorities that really have something to do with the issuance or collection of the passport to someone. In addition to it, you should also make sure that the person you are authorizing is well-known to you and that you can easily trust you

Why do you need to authorize someone by writing a letter?

Offices that issue the identity card are often insecure when they have to issue them to someone who does not belong to it. The identity documents are easily forged and misused. Therefore, they always try to make sure that they are wary of such people and don’t issue the id card to anyone unless they prove that they have authority. In some cases, the power of attorney is also written.

However, it is more in order and more complex than the letter of permission.

People also use such letters for their own security. They protect themselves by authorizing someone and then restricting their authority. Due to this, it is useful for everyone to write and then make use of the letter of permission.

Writing the letter…

You must know how to write a letter to approve someone to visit the office and collect the identity document so that you don’t risk yourself. Below are some tips for the following:

Follow the correct format:

Your authorization should be clear and there should not be any ambiguity in the letter. The reader should not be able to elicit two meanings out of one statement.

Allow the person to collect their passport:

Since the purpose of this letter is to give consent and make it public, don’t forget to mention the statement of authorization. This statement must include the name of the authorized person and other details

Give details of the authorization:

State what the authorized person can do and how much-limited permission you are giving to him.

Sample: Authorization letter to claim the passport

Dear Recipient,

I, (mention your name), hereby authorize (mention the name of the person to be given the authority) to claim and collect the passport on my behalf from the passport office. I have taken this decision because I am currently residing in another country and it is not possible for me to come since my current passport has expired and I cannot come back and collect it.

Mr. ABC is allowed to take all the steps and procedures that must be taken in order to collect the passport. Mr. ABC will represent himself as who he actually is and will show up with his original and real documents. In case the passport gets lost, I will not hold Mr. ABC responsible.

Furthermore, Mr. ABC shall not be allowed to take any action using my identity document. He is authorized to only collect the passport from the office. Please allow me to permit Mr. ABC to come forward and act on my behalf as this is very urgent and critical.

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