Warning Letter for Leaving Work Premises without Permission

Leaving work premises without permission is a serious offense and comes under the category of grave misconduct. It does not matter how early the employee left, even if it was a little before the off-time it is considered very improper. In many private sector companies, the employer holds the right to fire an employee for leaving work without prior permission.

However, most companies do not fire an employee for a one-time offense instead they may call the employee for an explanation or issue a warning letter. Warning letters are formal letters written to employees to reprimand them for some misconduct or offense.

They come with the condition that if the employee does not change his attitude or stop whatever behavior became the reason for the warning letter, serious disciplinary action would be taken against them.

These are formal letters written in the proper format of professional letters. They start with the sender’s name and address followed by the date and the recipient’s name and address and then after greeting the receiver, the subject is given. Then the sender explains the reason for issuing the warning.

If there are any dates or evidence, they are listed clearly and in detail. These letters are also for the record and go in the employee file which is another reason why the sender needs to be elaborate and thorough.

After this, the sender explains the consequences of unchanged behavior and ends the letter on a positive note by saying that they are hopeful that the employee would take heed and improve their behavior.

The letters have the signatures of the person on whose authority, the warning is being issued.

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Subject: Warning for leaving work premises without permission on [DATE]

It has come to our notice that on [date], you left the office without permission. The reason that your absence was noted almost immediately was due to a call from the Head office who needed your input on something related to the project on which our branch is collaborating with them. When they could not get in touch with you on your workstation they contacted your supervisor, who inquired about your whereabouts and discovered that you were not present in the office.

The Entry card swipe record and an inquiry from your colleagues showed that you had arrived on time in the morning but left before the off-time without informing anyone. Your team leader and the department head had no clue about your whereabouts.

Needless to say that this entire episode was very embarrassing for us and left a very bad impression on the Head office about our office discipline and work ethics. Your carelessness has led all of us into a very awkward position and made the head office question our branch’s efficiency and office decorum.

Even if there was an emergency, you should have informed someone before leaving and if your boss was unavailable when you had to leave, you should have left a note for him. This goes against our office culture, and we strongly condemn this practice.

The company policy is very clear in this regard, and we have zero tolerance for such reckless and irresponsible attitudes. Be warned that this attitude would not be tolerated and in case of a repetition of this offense, serious disciplinary action would be taken against you. We hope that you understand the seriousness of this transgression and change your ways for the better.

Warning Letter for Leaving Work Premises without Permission

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Subject: Warning for leaving the workplace without permission of the manager

It has been reported that you left the school early on [date]. The students of grade eight, who had a class with you, were looking all over the campus for you and when they did not find you, they started roaming the school, making noises, and started getting into fights.

Their rowdiness caught the attention of the vice-principal Mrs. [name], who called them into her office and upon inquiry, it was discovered that you had left the campus without informing anyone. This is an extremely unethical and unprofessional attitude.

Parents, after sending the kids to school are satisfied that they would be safe in our hands. In turn, the school dispenses this responsibility to the teachers. The students are the teacher’s responsibility in the time during which the teacher is assigned to take their class.

Leaving them unattended is a serious breach of this trust. Also, the students look at their teachers as role models, If the teachers act so irresponsibly what would the students learn? The students when left unsupervised get extremely rowdy and if a student had got hurt in your absence, you would have been held responsible for that.

I am extremely disappointed by the carelessness that you have shown. I had much higher expectations from a teacher of your stature and experience. Even if there was an emergency, you could have informed the vice principal or a fellow teacher at the very least.

Please be warned that this is the first and the last time we are overlooking a transgression like this. If another such instance arises, your employment would be terminated as per the employment contract you signed at the time of hiring.

I really hope that you realize the gravity of your actions and the seriousness of the offense. Looking forward to a change in your behavior.

Warning Letter for Leaving Work Premises without Permission

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