Request Letter for Purchase of Medical Equipment

Request letters are written in a variety of situations and their contents vary according to the situation. They are written both in an individual capacity and by businesses. The tone used in a request letter should be polite yet formal. You should clearly communicate your requirement and if the demand is time-sensitive that should be mentioned too. Do not add any unnecessary details but any important and relevant point should not be left out either.

In a hospital, different departments work together to ensure the smooth running of the establishment. The procurement department, arranges any medical equipment, medicine, or machinery that may be required by the other departments.

In such a scenario, whenever a department requires something, they write a request letter to the procurement department, clearly listing the required items. Similarly, the charity clinics or hospitals being run by different non-profit organizations also write request letters for procurement of equipment. These letters are written to the people who are supporting the organizations.

When writing a request letter in either of the above-mentioned situations, the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Address the letter to the appropriate authority.
  • State which department requires the equipment i.e. identify the sender.
  • A complete list of the equipment with all the required specifications should be written.
  • The time frame (if any) within which the equipment is required, should be mentioned.
  • The date on which the letter is being sent should be mentioned.

Sample Letter 1:

Respected Sir,

I [name], [designation] from [department name] am writing to request some urgently required medical equipment. Sir as you are well aware that a fresh wave of the pandemic has hit us and it is expected to reach its peak by the middle of next month by that time we are expecting a patient influx of at least [number] patients per day.

In light of this information, we are very concerned that we are desperately short on some very important medical equipment. To give you an exact figure we only have three ventilators available in the [name] department.

This number is alarmingly low and we require a minimum of five more to sustain this new wave. In addition, we require more oxygen cylinders, nasal prongs, surgical gloves, and surgical masks. All of these are indispensable due to the particular requirements of this pandemic.

A more detailed list with all the specifications and quantity of this equipment is attached. This list has been prepared after thorough consultations within the department and with the department head of other branches of our hospital who have gone through the drill before us.

Sir, it is requested that we are provided with this equipment by the end of this month so that we are well prepared before the peak hits us as the consequences of being unprepared are very grave.

Since all this equipment is in high demand these days so in case of unavailability of any of these, please contact Dr. [name] at [phone number] or [email address] and he will be able to guide you towards appropriate alternatives for the unavailable equipment.

If we work together, efficiently and sincerely we would be able to beat this disease and save the maximum number of patients. Looking forward to your cooperation and expeditious action.

Sample Letter 2:

Dear Mr. [name]
I [name] am writing from the clinic at [address] to request some urgently required medical equipment. As you are well aware that this clinic [name] at [address] was set up by your Non-Profit organization to provide medical facilities to the underprivileged people of this area. We have been operating now for six months thanks to your generous help. In this time, we have treated more than [number] patients.

However, a survey of our performance has made us realize that if we could provide certain basic facilities like Blood work and X-rays, our patients would benefit a lot from this, as it is not possible to diagnose the disease without these basic tests and getting these tests done form private laboratories costs a lot which most of our patients cannot afford.

Sir, we are forwarding a complete list of the equipment we require. We would be grateful if you could provide this medical equipment to our humble facility as it would benefit hundreds of patients.

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