Letter of Absence due to Workload Demand

Save -1: Academic

Dear Sir, I am writing to request you to excuse my absence from the class on (date) and (date). As you know that I am doing this executive MBA, along with managing my personal business. As the festive season is approaching, we are receiving a lot of orders.

Although it is very good for business, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to manage the workload along with attending the classes. I am fully aware of the importance of being regular but due to the increased frequency of orders and their time-sensitive nature, time management has become very difficult for me.

I intend to cover all the lessons I am missing out on and have already started gathering the notes. Also, I have started delegating responsibilities at work so that I can be regular in my studies and not miss out on any more lectures. I have completed the assignments which were to be submitted in these classes and I will submit them today to your teaching assistant.

I hope you would understand my problem and forgive me for the late submission of the assignments as I was late not because of slackness or neglecting my studies but due to workload demands.

Looking forward to your understanding and compassion.

Save -2: Professional

Rich Raymond,
Head of XYZ Company
23, Hall Road
New York, US

Subject: Leave of absence due to enormous workload demands

Date: 28th October 20XX

Respected Sir,

It is respectfully stated that I, Martin Josh, have been working with XYZ company for 5 years. I joined this company as an intern after my graduation and with the passage of time, I have been promoted to the rank of manager.

Currently, I am heading for a team of 5 members under the name of the marketing department. All of us have been working in coordination with other departments to secure more projects and head in the direction of success.

We have suffered a lot due to the negligence of a few employees but their absence from their respective departments has made our company stronger and ready to face challenges.

In the last 2 months, we got 5 projects from multinational companies that contributed massively to our progress, but it was very hard work. Most of the departments remained at the office till 2 am, discussing strategies and making action plans. These past few months have been a roller coaster ride for me and team members as well because we had to make marketing strategies, test their outcomes, share them with clients, and then make changes.

It was a very long process but after a few trials and errors, all strategies were approved by the clients, and they were very happy with the results. Securing these projects had positive impacts on our portfolio and many other mega projects might be secured in the future as well.

Because of the immense workload, my health has suffered a great deal. I work continuously and didn’t keep my health in check which is why I am suffering from back pain and muscle contraction. I have visited a specialist and my reports suggest I take a complete bed rest of 2 weeks.

Therefore, I seek your permission to excuse me from work for 2 weeks so that I can regain my health and work again with full strength and a healthy mind. I know you treat your employees with empathy and understand their situation. Your kind nature allowed me to write this letter of absence.

During my absence, any member of my team can step up and lead. I will always be available by phone or email for any important discussion or meeting. I hope you consider my letter and allow me to rest.

Anxiously waiting for your response.


Martin Josh
Manager at Marketing Department
Contact: 789 789 469

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