Excuse Letter for Being Late to School for Late Wakeup

Excuse letters are written when a situation arises in which you have to explain your conduct or some incident that might have happened. These are usually written to someone in authority like your superior at work or in the case of students, to the teacher or principal. Since the excuse letters are written to people in authority, the tone of these letters should be formal yet polite. The employee giving the explanation should mention all the relevant details and apologize for their mistake.

Coming late to work or to school/college is a very bad habit. It is discouraged everywhere as it shows disorganization and slackness. These habits if not checked in time lead to failure in life and even the brightest person can not go far in life if they have this habit.

Punctuality is the most important trait of a successful person. Doubt being punctual you cannot be organized or trustworthy audience trustworthy. Students who are punctual always get better grades and are more respected by teachers and their fellow students alike.

If a student gets late occasionally, they usually write an explanation letter to the teacher or the principal explaining the reason for their late arrival. In this letter, they explain why they were late and ask for the principal’s forgiveness and assure them that this mistake will not be repeated. All the important details of the matter should be added to the letter and edit it thoroughly before sending it.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes should be avoided as they may prove to be counterproductive.