Warning Letter to Employee for Unprofessional Behavior with Customer

Warning letters are issued by high management or administration of an organization or any other workplace to keep their employees in check. Warning letters are issued when employees misbehave or threaten one another or their customers. Every workplace has certain rules regarding the issuance of these letters. These workplaces hire employees for getting their job done and in return, pay employees for their efforts and award them with additional bonuses and benefits to keep their loyalties intact for their workplace.

The international community of employees makes sure that employees are treated well at their workplace regardless of their region, rank, and cast. These communities ask employers to provide basic rights to employees so that they can protect themselves in hours of need. Employees are allowed to speak against injustice and professional misconduct.

Similarly, employers follow policies that protect themselves and their businesses. These policies also include topics such as customer care. Customers are the backbone of every business therefore they are treated with utter respect. Every business tries to make its customers happy because businesses flourish through words of mouth. Employers do not tolerate the unprofessional behavior of an employee with any customer regardless of the issue.

Employers can give warning letters to employees to warn them about the serious consequences of such behavior with customers. Employers have the authority to terminate the contract tract of employees without any warning letter.

Some key features of a warning letter are given below,

  • Warning letters are formal letters therefore proper salutations are used for addressing the receiver.
  • These letters are short and relevant to focus on the problem at hand.
  • Warning letters describe the cause of the letter in detail to help the receiver understand the situation.
  • The tone of the warning letter is polite to assist employees in changing their behavior.
  • It reminds employees about the serious consequences that they might suffer if the action is repeated.


It is to bring it to your attention that you have been issued this warning letter upon receiving a complaint from one of our valued customers. You joined this company 3 years ago and your record has been exceptional. I have always had high hopes for you, and I believed that you will go a long way forward if you continue like this.

To my surprise, I received a complaint yesterday from one of our most valued customers. It stated that you showed unprofessional behavior to the client when they came to exchange an article, they have purchased a few days ago. It was difficult for me to believe that this situation happened, so I investigated this matter myself in different ways. I asked all the employees working at that time and asked them about what they saw.

Additionally, I also checked CCTV footage of the event to understand this matter more clearly. Unfortunately, all fingers are pointed toward you telling you you are the actual culprit. A customer wanted to exchange the article they had not used but removed labels and price tag. I know we do not entertain such requests, but the matter could have been resolved politely but your anger kicked in and you misbehaved with those customers.

I have a zero-tolerance policy against unprofessional behavior with customers and hand out the termination letter to such employees but looking at your track record, I have issued a warning letter only. If such a situation happens again then you will be receiving a termination letter and will also be facing serious consequences.

Unprofessional conduct not only loses clients but also puts a bad impression on other employees. Customers are going to update all social media forums about your conduct which will lead to reduced sales and low business value. Moreover, news on social media impacts thousands so it has severe adverse effects on the business.

I will not tolerate this unprofessional attitude again; therefore, you are advised to manage your anger issues and apologize to the customers personally. You should request customers for their forgiveness and assure them that this scene will never be repeated.

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