Apology Letter after Resignation

Apology letters are written to express one’s regret over a mistake or an error. They may be written on a variety of occasions. They may be written by an organization or by an individual. Since in an apology letter you are asking for someone’s forgiveness so the tone should be formal yet polite.

You should clearly convey what you are apologizing for. As this conveys the impression that you have realized your mistake. Be genuine in your apology. The letter should not be very long.

In fact, it should be kept short and precise. However, it should include any important information you might have related to the incident. In the end, you should always assure the other person that you have learned from your mistakes and that your apology will reflect in your actions.

Sometimes when an employee makes a mistake in the workplace which is not forgivable the company requests them to put in their resignation. So that they are not fired and can still claim benefits. In such cases, the employee may write an apology letter after handing in their resignation.

In this letter, the ex-employee should clearly explain the incident from their point of view and tell the employee what they have learned from the incident. He/she should assure them that they will not repeat their mistakes and thank the employer for the opportunity to work for them.

In case of more grave offenses, the ex-employee can thank the employer for not initiating any legal proceedings against them.

The File

I wish to express my deepest regret over the incident that took place on (date). I was on duty that day as the head nurse. The doctor had informed me that the condition of patient number 13 was to be monitored very closely and in case of any change in his oxygen saturation levels or pulse, I was to inform Dr. (name) immediately.

It was a very busy shift as a lot of patients were coming in due to the heatwave. We were getting a lot of patients suffering from heat stroke and it was a very busy shift. So, I could not focus on the patient on bed number 13, and I was unable to notice when his condition worsened.

I realize that this is no excuse for ignoring the doctor’s direct command. I also realize that if the doctor (name 2) had not spotted the patient’s pulse rate falling below (number) and initiated the emergency procedure, the patient may have lost his life. I cannot put in words how ashamed and shaken I am by this incident.

I joined this profession with the intent to serve humanity and I have always tried to put my best into my work. This incident is as shocking to me as it is to you. I should not have let my attention wander. I fully realize that it was a very grave mistake that could have had very serious consequences. I respect the disciplinary committee’s decision and I have rendered my resignation.

In the end, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to work in your wonderful hospital. I have learned a lot during this time. I wish that I was parting on a happier note. I will always remember the lessons I learned in this hospital.

I hope that you would be able to forgive my mistake and remember me for any good that I might have done here. I have always treated all my patients with utmost care and attention. I hope that this one incident of negligence will not wipe out all the good that I have tried to do while working for you.