Invoice Request Letter with How to Details

An invoice commonly known as a bill is a document that contains a list of products or services a customer has purchased from a company. This document mentions the total amount to be paid by the consumer. For the customer, having an invoice is important because it lets him know how much amount he has to pay, whether the company has included all the items he has purchased and many other relevant details. In case the invoice is missing, the consumer can write an invoice request letter.

What is a bill request letter?

It is a formal business request letter in which the consumer makes a request and humbly asks a business to issue the billing statement.

What does the request for a bill letter do?

This letter conveys a message from the buyer to the business that the consumer needs the invoice for a purpose stated in the letter. It helps the company collect money because the consumer will never pay unless the company issues the billing statement.

When to write?

A few common situations to ask for the statement of the bill are:

When the invoice is lost:

Sometimes, the shopper has the bill lost and when it is time to pay the money, he forgets how much he was supposed to pay.

When the business does not issue:

Although it rarely happens, there are chances that a business does not issue the bill. In some cases, the business issues it but then the customer asks for some corrections that are not made.

Why it is important to request due payment?

It is a common practice for a business to make a bill and calculate the total bill to be paid by those who shop products from that business. Consumers usually don’t pay money without getting the billing statement because this statement helps them tally what they have purchased with what the business is claiming to have sold.

In case the shopper wants to request for exchange or return, he will have to show the invoice to prove that he has purchased the products from the brand. Therefore, even if it is convenient and possible for a shopper to pay without having an invoice in hand, it is never recommended to pay as it might lead to many disputes later on.

Guide for writing:

Follow the guidelines given below for writing an effective letter:

Give reference to your purchase:

It is not possible for a business to remember all the purchases carried out in a day as it deals with a surfeit of people in a single day. So, when you are referring to your purchase, you should give the reference number of that purchase so that the business can easily trace it in its system.

Mention that you have not received the bill:

Before you formally make a request for the issuance of the bill, you should describe the fact that you have not received the billing statement. This will help the reader look into the matter in case he has already issued the invoice.

Make a request:

Request the reader to issue the invoice to you because you want to pay the money for all the products that you have been supplied by the reader. Usually, the invoice comes with the expiry date and after that, the penalty is also charged. So, this letter will help you clear your position in a better way.

Save Sample Letter

Subject: Request letter for charge statement

Respected Sir,

With reference to the last purchase made by me from your company, we have come to know that you have not issued the billing details against our recent purchase. All the products that you have supplied to my store in the month of March have not been charged by you. Therefore, you are requested to share the charge details of my all recent purchases from your company.

It is a humble request from me to share the bill details at your earliest convenience. It would be very easy for us to close our accounts with the payment of all the pending dues. A quick response from your side will always be appreciated.

Invoice Request Letter Template

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