Authorization Letter for Salary Deduction

An authorization letter is a letter written to give someone the authority to perform some tasks. For example, an authorization may be given to someone to collect important documents on someone else’s behalf. A person may authorize someone to receive payment on their behalf. When people move goods across the city, need to give the driver the authorization letter to move the goods.

It is a formal letter returned by someone in authority hence the tone is formal and serious. The letter should include all relevant details like the name of the person who is being authorized and the task for which the authorization is granted. If the authorization is for some time only, then the period should also be mentioned clearly.

Sometimes an employee makes a mistake for which they are given a penalty like a deduction in salary. This may happen when an employee damages office property due to negligence. Sometimes disciplinary faults like late arrival, not being regular, etc also result in salary deduction.

Many organizations have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deal with such situations. The employees are informed in advance about the consequences of their negligence and incompetence. When such a situation arises, the department head writes a letter to the finance department, authorizing the deduction of the salary of the employee.

All the important details like the exact amount to be deducted, the period for which the amount is to be deducted from the salary like one month, two months etcetera should be clearly mentioned in the letter.