Letter of Intent to Run for HOA Board

Homeowners living in the same locality in urban settings often join to form homeowner’s associations. These associations not only look after the rights of the homeowners but also ensure that any complaints from them are listened to and addressed immediately.

Every homeowner’s association has a board of directors that governs the running of its operations and ensures that all the rules of community living outlined in the policy documents are followed. The board usually consists of 3 to 5 members. These are the Head of HoA, the secretary of the homeowner’s association, and finally the treasurer. These members are elected by the homeowners through an election. The exact procedure for these elections is written in the policy of the HOA board.

When someone intends to run for an HOA board, they usually write a letter of intent addressed to the Head of the board but also aimed at everyone in the community so that they know what the options for the HOA board are. The person writing the letter can run for one of the three or five positions available on the board of directors. In this letter of intent, they would give a brief introduction.

They will mention how long they have been living in this society. They can also mention the problems or issues they see in the community which need to be addressed and which made them feel the need to run for a post on the HOA board.

They would clearly mention what post they intend to run for. They would also try to explain why they feel that they are eligible for running for this post and what difference they can make in this position.