Thanking Teacher for Writing a Recommendation Letter

Showing gratitude is always a good idea. It has multiple benefits both for the person being praised and the person receiving the praise. Being praised always encourages people to do better. They feel that their work is seen, and their efforts are valued. Similarly, when someone helps you out in any way, it is a good idea to thank them.

Today, it is not easy for anyone to take out time and put in the effort to help someone else, if anyone does that they should be appreciated, and you should convey your gratitude in the form of a letter.

A thank you letter should not be delayed unnecessarily but sent on time and it should be kept short and precise. You should give the reason for writing the thank you letter. Be genuine in your praise and let the other person know what their gesture means to you.

A recommendation letter is often a requirement for inclusion in a scholarship program while applying for a job or joining a research program. These are written by someone who is well respected in their field and who is an authority in the matter. A recommendation letter by a teacher is required when you are applying for a scholarship program or joining an institution for further studies.

The recommendation of the teachers or mentors who have guided and taught you has a lot of weightage and it is bound to get you an advantage over other applicants. So, when a teacher writes a positive recommendation letter for you, you should thank them by writing a thank you letter.

In this letter, you clearly tell them what you’re thanking them for and what their recommendation letter meant to you. Be genuine in your praise and generous in acknowledging their role.


As you know that I had applied for a scholarship program for MS in (university) in (country name) and besides other documents, the selection procedure required a recommendation letter from a teacher or a mentor.

As you have taught me electronics for four years in my BE program and know how passionate I am regarding further studies in this field, I felt that you are the most appropriate person to request a recommendation letter from.

As you are a well-respected name in this field and your research papers are read and admired by many across the world, having a recommendation letter by you really meant a lot as it was bound to make a huge difference.

Sir, I am glad to report that I secured the scholarship, and I would be leaving for (country name) on (date). I want to thank you with all my heart for the glowing recommendation letter, you wrote me. I fully realize that without this recommendation letter my chances would have been slim as the best talent from the world in this field was applying for the scholarship program.

Having a mentor like you, who is considered an expert in this field, write such glowing remarks about me has given me a lot of confidence and I will try my best to live up to your expectations.

Hoping to make you proud and looking forward to your blessings in the future too.


I have been your student for the last four years. You know my passion for IC design and development which is why I requested you to write me a recommendation letter when an opening in the college R&D was announced. I want to join the nanoTech IC Design program.

I am extremely thankful to you for writing me the glowing recommendation letter. It made it possible for me to secure the place.

I promise to work very hard and put in my best. I aim to make you proud and thank you for all the trust you have put in me. Your kind words and trust in my ability have motivated me immensely.

If I have your continued guidance and mentorship, I am sure our team can make a breakthrough in this area of research which will bring accolades to not just our team but our university and our country too. There is great scope of work here and I am excited to start this new assignment.

I would like to express my gratitude one more time and assure you that I will not let you down.

Looking forward to your continued advice and counsel.

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