Complaint Letter to Principal about Teacher’s Immoral Behavior

A teacher needs to act sensibly as students often tend to follow in the footsteps of their teachers.  They often like to be like their teacher because they look up to him as the most perfect personality in the world. Sometimes, the behavior of the teacher is so disturbing for the student and compels the student to write a complaint instead of following the teacher.

We all make mistakes, and we all deserve to be forgiven because no one is perfect in this world. Sometimes, some people around us behave so awkwardly that we cannot digest their behavior. Similarly, when our teacher’s conduct is not professional and we feel that it is a bit disturbing for us, we can let the principal of the school know about it.

In this letter, the teacher’s conduct is criticized in a sensible way to make the concerned authorities know how the instructor is causing inconvenience to his/her students.

Important points to remember

There are different ways to write a complaint. However, one should ensure that no matter which way they choose, it should always be the right way according to the situation. In addition to it, it should be able to make the student reap fruitful results. For instance, in some cases, the student might want the school to change the teacher. The complaint addressing the right issues can help them obtain the desired results. Keep the following points in mind and draft a letter that has a purpose to fulfill.

Show respect for the teacher:

No matter how offended you are because of your teacher, you should never disrespect him/her. If you don’t show respect, the reader might feel that your lack of respect made you write the complaint.

Criticize the conduct of the teacher:

Since you are writing to let the principal know about his employee, you should make sure that you remain focused on the conduct of the teacher and do not attack his personality.

Elaborate briefly:

Saying that the teacher’s behavior is bad or immoral is rather subjective and will be hard for the reader to understand what specifically you are referring to. So, if you claim that the attitude of your instructor is so bad, elaborate on how and what made you say that.

What you want:

In the end, you can mention what you want the principal to do or what actions you expect him to take. If you want the principal to talk to the teacher and ask him to not act immorally, mention this in the letter.

The sample letter given below is an example of a letter to protest upon seeing the immoral and gross behavior of the professor or teacher in the classroom professionally.

Sample complaint letter

Subject: Complaint letter against Mrs.’s [X] bad attitude

Respected Sir/Madam,

With humble submission, I am regretfully informing you about the immoral attitude of Mr. ABC who is my teacher of mathematics in grade 7, section C.

Mr. ABC often starts the class late from the scheduled time and he does not seem to be serious about his job. He is often seen cracking obscene jokes which are not appropriate for students of our age. His indecent behavior in the classroom has become very shameful and it is very disturbing for all of us to see him behaving awkwardly.

Mr. ABC is my teacher and I respect him a lot. However, as a teacher, his attitude is supposed to be the epitome of grace and respect. I have also noticed that he often comes to class drunk, especially when he comes back after the lunch break. Due to the attitude of Mr. ABC, I am unable to understand the concepts he delivers.

Therefore, I would like to conduct a probe and look into the bad behavior of the teacher so that no one in the class gets disturbed by his rude and reckless behavior.

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