Workplace Harassment Policy Letter Samples

One of the most difficult aspects of office administration is how to keep discriminatory attitudes in check and keep the work environment positive. when people from different religious, cultural, and social backgrounds come together to work in a company or organization, they bring their own biases and mindsets to the job.

It is important to have an environment of mutual respect and understanding where everyone is given space so that they feel comfortable and can perform their best.

As an employee’s job satisfaction is deeply related to their productivity and hence the organization’s success, hence it is important to keep them satisfied and to investigate a harassment complaint, very seriously.

Different organizations have devised their anti-harassment policies for this very reason. These policies cater to different aspects of this issue. The organization is bound by law to inform all the employees about its harassment policies so that when they are apprehended, no one can claim that they did not know about the policy.

Harassment can be in different forms and ways. if an employee or a group of employees feels discriminated against, based on their race, colour, ethnicity, gender, or religion; it is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that the guilty party gets punished for their behaviour and that the harassment stops immediately.

A letter announcing the company harassment policy is a formal letter and it needs to be written in a very firm and formal tone. The purpose of this letter is to clearly convey:

  • what would be considered an act of harassment.
  • How would a harassment complaint be processed?
  • What actions would the administration take against the person found guilty of harassing another employee or a group of employees?


We are writing this letter to clearly convey the company policy regarding harassment in the workplace. We would also like to clarify that if you are on a work trip and face any such incident, it would come under workplace harassment too. Please read the following points very carefully and acknowledge that you have received the letter.

  • Our organization prides itself on its inclusivity and the diversity of our workforce. We aim to provide a safe place for everyone who joins our organization. We understand that when a person is completely at ease they perform their best and only then their full potential can be achieved. We have zero-tolerance for harassment of any kind or form in our office.
  • Anyone found to be disturbing the workplace environment by their words or actions would be dealt with harshly.
  • Any employee who faces discrimination or abuse or any unwanted behaviour from any other employee or group of employees is encouraged to report it to the HR department. This can be done over the phone or through email or by personally visiting the (designation).
  • If such an incident is reported, it would be dealt with by the disciplinary committee comprising of the complainant’s immediate boss (unless they are nominated as guilty), the department head, the HR head, and the Head of the administration.
  • This committee would hear both sides and interview the colleagues of the complainant. It would also go through any relevant evidence the complainant is able to produce.
  •  After a thorough investigation, the committee would decide whether the complainant is correct in his/her claim and if their complaint is found valid, the guilty party would be dealt with very harshly, with penalties ranging from a warning letter to immediate termination depending upon the gravity of the situation.

Remember teamwork makes dreams work. It is very important to show tolerance and compassion in a workplace as it improves the overall work environment of the office and affects the productivity of the team.

Looking forward to your cooperation and understanding.


Our company has employees belonging to different ethnic groups and religious and political beliefs. It is important for the administration that the workplace environment is such that everybody is respectful and tolerant of others’ beliefs and the employees can perform their duties in a safe and secure environment and there is no unpleasantness of any type. Company policy in this regard is very clear.

We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any type all the employees are equal in the eyes of the administration and all of them have an equal right to promotion and benefits. If it is reported that any gender, ethnic, religious or minority group is being mistreated or anyone is being targeted due to their gender or religion or due to any other reason, the matter will be dealt with very strictly.

An administrative board has been made for this purpose. The duties of this board are to investigate any complaint regarding harassment or discrimination. This complaint can be of harassment in the form of physical harm or slander, backbiting, taunts or jokes meant to insult or hurt an ethnic or religious group.

The board after performing a fair investigation would suggest a penalty for the guilty. In case of severe transgression, immediate termination is suggested.

Remember that all our employees are important to us and if you feel stressed or pressurized by anything, please feel free to get in touch with the administration. We have an open-door policy, and it is our aim to facilitate our employees in any way we can.

Looking forward to your cooperation and understanding.

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