Letter to Change a Job Role

What is a letter to change a job role?

This is a type of request letter in which the employee makes a request to his boss for changing in his job role. The basic objective of writing this letter is to convince the reader that you should be switched to a different job role.

For an organization, it is not easy to implement changes like changing the position of the job of a person since it requires bringing many more changes which often becomes a complex process. Therefore, organizations generally don’t like bringing such changes.

However, if a person has a genuine reason and explains that reason in the letter written to his supervisor, he can get the approval of his request. Sometimes, this letter doesn’t require a change in the job but only in a role that is difficult for a person to handle.

When to write a job change letter?

Some common situations in which this letter can be written are:

  1. When you come to know that you are not a right fit for the position you have been appointed to.
  2. When you think that the job responsibilities that you are expected to perform don’t meet your level it also means that they are too difficult for you to handle.
  3. When you know that your qualification doesn’t match the work you are required to do on the current job posting and you want to work as per your qualification.
  4. When you want to get exposure to working in a different area because of some reason.
  5. When an employee feels that his performance in the current position is deteriorating and he is unable to deliver, he can ask for a change.

There can be many other reasons to write this request letter. Every person has a right to put forward this request. But the request should be convincing so that actions in response to our request letter can be expected.

Guidelines for writing to get the job role changed:

You must be in the position to write a request in an effective way so that you can persuade the reader. Read some guidelines given below:

Give your introduction:

When you are requesting your boss, give him your introduction so that he can know what position you are currently working in and where you want to go. This way it will be easy for him to compare both posts and reach a decision.

Make a request:

Then, make a formal request and ask the reader to change your position. Now, there are many ways to make this request. If you know which position you want to work on, mention the name of that position too, and ask your manager to change your profile from this to that.

In some cases, you simply tell your boss that you don’t want to work on the post on which you are currently working.

Come up with the reason:

Provide the reason as to why you want a change in the position. The reason should also be persuasive and it should make the reader feel that you need a change.

Close the letter:

In the end, let the reader know what you are expecting from him and show gratitude for being helpful and cooperative.

The sample letter given below can be useful for you to understand how a request can be made.

Sample letter:

I am Mr. ABC working in your company in the position of a customer representative. I have been working in this position for one year.

I am writing to formally request you to change my position as I am no longer interested in working in this position. The reason for making this request is that I want to work now in a different job role. I believe that I will be more productive if I work in the position of my interest.

Please consider my application for a change in the position. I will be highly thankful to you. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

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