Complaint Letter for Salary Deduction

Companies and businesses hire employees for performing tasks and achieving goals set by the employer. Many multinational companies hire hundreds of employees working in different countries to reach their goals. Higher management overlooks all these employees and makes sure they are performing well.

Employees working in any field are not only given salaries in exchange for their work but they are awarded for their efforts and enjoy various benefits and services. Every business has set up a separate department for employees which is known as HR.

HR is responsible for devising policies for the betterment of employees. They provide ideas, make policies, implement rules, keep a check on irregularities, and much more.

In addition, HR also receives and reviews complaint letters of employees and answers them accordingly. HR at any organization is also supervised by higher management but they are given rights to carry out some action. If complaints letters are not justified by them, employees forward those letters to other authorities.

Why complaint?

Complaints may arise due to various issues such as objectionable behavior of another employee, warning letters, and issues related to salary. All employers are responsible for entertaining all complaints of employees.

These letters are concise and formal. Employees provide all the details in a single ago to avoid any inconvenience for the reader. Formal language is used by employees and the complaint is presented respectfully. After submission of the letter, employees wait patiently for a response or any other action.

Some key points that should be considered while drafting a letter are given below,

  • Printed letters have more impact on the receiver as compared to handwritten letters.
  • Use the letterhead of the company for printing letters to make them official and professional.
  • Use a professional title for addressing seniors or higher authority to keep the matter peaceful.
  • Address the issue in simple words and provide details.
  • Attach all proofs with the letter to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Do not mention any warnings or time limits in the letter.
  • Use professional font size, style, and color for printing.


It is respectfully stated that I, Patrick Adams, have been associated with XYZ company for 5 years. After completing graduation, I joined as an intern to gain some experience. I became very good at my work and was offered the job of assistant manager.

Over the years, knowledge and experience have only been invested and contributed a lot to upgrading me in my rank. I have always been a fan of employee policies that are practiced at the company. Employees are given benefits and awarded generously for their efforts. There never has been a complaint against higher authorities.

I am writing this letter to lure your attention to a serious matter that I have been facing for several months. Employees are always paid on a specific date; therefore, I receive my salary on time but in the past few months there have been unknown deductions.

For 2 months, I didn’t do anything and considered it a glitch or mistake but when it continued for the 3rd month, I contacted HR to resolve this issue or justify these deductions.

According to HR, I have taken several leaves without prior notice, which is not true as I only took two authorized leaves a few months back. I informed management about my absence and the reason behind it. I replied to HR, but they are not entertaining my complaint as a priority therefore, I am writing to you to kindly look into this matter and resolve or ask HR to check their records about my absence.

I belong to a middle-class family and these deductions have disturbed my budget. I’m in debt of a few thousand which will continue to increase if these deductions continue.

Kindly provide me the reason for the deduction so I can know if it happened by mistake or system issue, then kindly provide all the amount that has been deducted in the previous few months. I hope you will consider my issue a priority and help me through this problem.

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