Quotation Letter for Supply of Goods

A quotation is known as a specific offer for sale. A quotation letter is a formal letter written in response to a query or quotation format letter by a potential buyer. Many customers write to the supplier of products or services to enquire about their prices. Before availing of any facility, customers make sure that they have enough money to spend.

In response to the letter of a potential customer, suppliers or providers write a quotation letter stating the number of articles or services, their price, terms, and conditions of buying, mode of transportation, exchange or refund policy, and other valuable detail which would be asked by the customer. All these details allow customers to put all facts before them and make a purchase.

A quotation letter for supplying goods can be written by any supplier of goods. Goods can be a number of articles and various suppliers can provide them. Most buyers are interested in handmade goods such as furniture, home decor, decorative articles, jewelry, clothes, and much more. These goods may also include toys, machines, sportswear, or sports goods. This range has no limit.

Some of the tips that should be followed while writing a quotation letter are given below,

  • The letter should be written in a formal tone to show professionalism.
  • Address buyers with proper salutations to make a good first impression.
  • Handmade letters are good but the printed letters on the letterhead of the business are more appreciated.
  • Make sure to provide the postal address, contact information, and social media handles of the business.
  • List each item along-with prices and variety available.
  • Make sure that letter is not too long, and that the information provided is relevant.
  • Quotation letters can be written as a marketing strategy, without any inquiry from the buyer.
  • The letter must be written to the point with conciseness and a complete tone.
  • It should appreciate buyers for their interest in the goods.
  • Do mention any sales or discounts that may happen in the future.
  • Explain to buyers how these goods will make a positive difference in their daily routine.

Sample Letter

It is respectfully stated that I, Rick Martin, have been successfully running a business providing furniture for 5 years. Before starting this business, I worked as a carpenter acquiring knowledge and experience in the same field. Working as a carpenter has allowed me to see this business from a different perspective and it has contributed a lot to making my business successful.

Recently, I received a letter from your agency in which inquired about the quotation of certain goods. I am very delighted to see your inclination toward my business. The articles you are interested in are all made up of high-quality wood and their carvings are done with hands.

We have hired a bunch of skilled artisans who can create masterpieces from wood by using their carving techniques. These are the highest bought articles and customers are still interested in them. Handmade articles always surpass ready-made articles.

From your letter, I understood that you also want regular desks and chairs for office use in addition to the handmade articles. We assure you that you will receive high-quality products. We take pride in making our customers happy and satisfied. Prices of the inquired articles are given below,

  1. Handmade Chess boards $500 each
  2. Polished Wooden Desks $100 each
  3. Comfy black chairs with carvings $150 each
  4. Wooden ply computer table $200 each
  5. Wooden storage cabinets $400 each
  6. Faux Wooden panels for wall $50 each

These are all the articles you mentioned in your letter. For all our walk-in customers, we accept full cash only and our team themselves help in assembling furniture at its destination. Customers from different cities are asked to pay 40% amount of the furniture while the rest 60% is paid after they have received the shipment.

We have never faced any issues of damaged or faulty articles but in case anything happens we have a very flexible exchange policy.

In case you want to move ahead and purchase, just contact us at the provided number. We will be anxiously waiting to hear from you.

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