Application for Closing Bank Account due to Health

Banks and financial institutes follow a proper way to open and close bank accounts. They have to manage accounts of thousands of people and therefore, they cannot close an account by just receiving a verbal request from the customer. They need the customer to write the application which is a formal letter in which a request is made from the customer to close the bank account. The bank keeps this application in its record because it might need it later.

This is a formal request made by the account holder in which he respectfully asks the management of the bank to close the account. The customer also mentions the reason for his deteriorating health that does not allow him to visit the bank and operate his account. Sometimes, the bank wants to know the reason so that the account can be closed through the proper channel considering that reason.

The steps given below can be helpful for you if you are struggling writing the application:

Formally ask for account closure:

Applications are briefer and to the point than letters. You are required to be as formal as you can. So, when you request to close the request, use a formal tone and choice of words to draft the application.

When you apply for account closure, mention clearly that you don’t have any issues and you are willing to take this action.

Specify that your health is the reason:

After you have applied for the account closure, don’t assume that the bank is not interested in knowing why you want to take this action. The banks are very much interested in knowing because they don’t want to lose their customer. Therefore, state the reason formally. Since this is an application, you don’t need to give details of your health or treatment. The application should never be too long.

Give all the details of the bank account to be closed:

You will have to mention your account details so that the bank can spot your account and close it. The better approach is to use bullet points to mention details. Make sure that you don’t forget to mention any important detail that the bank might need for closing the account.

Ask the bank to pay you the money left in that account:

If you have some money in that account, request the bank to deposit that into another account of yours that you are actively using currently, and then close the letter appropriately.

Below is given a sample application that will help you draft your application of yours.

Sample application:

You are requested to close my bank account (mention account number) in (mention the branch number). I am writing this request because I am not in a position to operate my account due to my health. I often have to travel to another city for medical check-ups. Therefore, I have decided to move from here permanently.  With reference to my account in your branch, I am willing to close my account because I don’t need it anymore.

Following are my bank account details:

  1. Name
  2. Account number
  3. Name of the bank
  4. Branch code
  5. Debit card number and type

I am returning my check and debit card with this letter. I would like to request to make arrangements for closing my account. In addition to it, please pay me the money that I deposited in my account to the account details of which are given below:

  1. Name of the account holder
  2. Branch code
  3. Name of the bank
  4. Account number

If you need to know anything else with regard to this request, you can write back to me or call me at 424-235524 and feel free to contact me.