Greeting Letter to Business Partner

What is a greeting letter to a business partner?

It is a type of formal letter that people write to their business associates when they show their willingness to work with them. There is a lot of trust needed when two people or businesses decide to work with each other. Although the business can be run even without sending greetings, it is considered a kind and friendly gesture to say hello to your partner and makes them feel that you are glad that they are your partner.

Whenever we start a new relationship with someone in the business world, it is our responsibility to represent ourselves in such a way that we sound professional and practical. The letter to send greetings is the best way to cultivate the best and strong professional relationship with your associate. Through this letter, you also find an opportunity to communicate necessary conditions or instructions to the recipient that are important for him to know after being a part of the partnership. 

How to write a welcome letter that stands out?

In the professional world, it is of great importance that you communicate with your partners. Owing to this, letters and emails written for any purpose are preferably written with extreme care and attention. Let us see a step by step guide to writing a welcome letter to greet our partner:

Add the header

No letter is complete without the header. However, some people believe that if they are writing on letterhead, they don’t need a header. It is a misconception and the header must be included at the beginning of the letter. The header includes the recipient’s as well as the sender’s details.

Welcome the partner:

When you start the body of the letter after writing the header, start it with the welcome statement. Your welcome should be warm and enthusiastic enough to make the recipient believe that you are happy being a part of the business partnership. For being more precise, mention the name of the company being welcomed and your company of which they have become a partner. 

Use professional closing:

It is very important to take note of how you choose to close this letter. Some people add some instructions to follow; some people ask the recipient to show up in the meeting while some simply show gratitude and close the letter. No matter how you end this letter, make sure that the reader is conveyed a positive message and impression of you and your business when he finishes reading and keeps it aside. 

A sample greeting letter written to a business associate has been given below that you can read and follow:

Sample letter: 

Subject: Accept greetings

Dear Mr. Johnson,

We are so happy and satisfied to welcome you to our company as our new business partner. We are blown away by your smartness and the insight that put into your business to achieve fruitful results. We believe that your experience will help our company succeed in the future and therefore, we have chosen you to be our respectable associate. 

We would like to welcome you and your entire team of experts on behalf of the entire company.

We are very anxious to meet with you and discuss all the matters with you on 20th December 20XX. Please let us know about your availability. 

You are requested to contact the manager of the company who will brief you about the rules and procedures being followed in our organization. Also, please bring your original id card along with other documents on the first day. 

We hope that you will be glad to meet our team. Please don’t hesitate to share your innovative ideas with us. 

We welcome you once again to our organization and we are hopeful that our partnership will go a long way. In addition to it, your contribution to leading our company to a path to success will always be appreciated. 

If you have a query, feel free to contact us at (mention your phone number).