Apology Letter for being Late in the Meeting

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This letter solely aims to ask for forgiveness for coming late to the meeting. I realize that you had repositioned the meeting schedule only to get frustrated at the end. Ever since the meeting date had been set, I was looking forward to pondering over new ideas and making new strategic plans.

I had thought that the meeting will start at 11:30 am as usually it starts at this time, so I engaged myself in preparing another presentation that was very next day. When I reached the meeting hall, I came to know that it was going to end. I really got embarrassed for what I did as in my career it was for the very first time that this thing happened.

I realized that I have missed a great opportunity that kept vital importance in my career progression. I hope to present all the points in the next meeting. I can understand that you will be frustrated for not having my information in the meeting.

I am very cautious now and from now the first thing I will do in the morning is to check the calendar. I request you to forgive me. I was really excited to have a meeting with you. I ask your forgiveness for being absent-minded.


I am Ralph Dorson and have been giving my services to your organization for the past few years. I am writing this letter to seek an apology from you for coming late to the meeting that was held on Friday.

I was not expecting this unprofessional attitude from me but it all happened unintentionally. I do admit my mistake that I must have confirmed meeting timings a day before.

Mr. ABC, one of our senior employees in the organization came to my office exactly at the meeting timings. I remained so indulged in listening to his problems that I forgot about the meeting. It could be an insulting attitude on my behalf if I did not give an ear to what he said.

Later, I realized that I have missed a great opportunity to highlight the importance of the meeting. I am hoping to present it at our next meeting. I know that your time is very valuable and you are a busy bee but I am hopeful that this omission will not put a stop to rescheduling our meeting again.

I make this certain that this will not happen next but for this time I am really sorry. Looking for positive feedback from you.

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