Request Letter for Material Collection

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I am Sidney Carton, managing director in XYZ Organization, and writing in the name of Matilda Steward, a finance manager in ABC Enterprise. We have good experience of working along with each other for more than twenty years related to the shipment of materials, production, and fabrication of products.

This request letter is being written to ask for materials entailed to make you certain that we have prosecuted with remittance and pre-ordered merchandise of ABC material needed for our factory outlet in Michigan.

This request letter for material collection is being written to request you to ship us order no 123456 for roughhewn brunette conductors for motor engines and motorcars. We will also provide you with all the detail related to the bank statement for your kind information which has been affixed along with this letter needed for materials.

The deadline for materials shipment has passed. We humbly ask for your arbitration to order the material to arrive in our factory as soon as possible as stipulated in the order. Moreover, can you make confirm this order’s receiving and let me know about additional shipment costs of this product.

Kindly let me know too if either the installation or spreadsheet charges are included in the final price or not. Looking forward to getting a swift response from you!


I am Shankar Ralph and have been working as an assistant director in your organization for the past five years. This letter is being written on account of all office staff to ask for cartridges that are required on an immediate basis in the office.

I want to bring to your kind attention that as per your orders the company has shifted its office to New Jersey. Lots of office impedimenta have been lost and most of the gadgets have been impaired during all this.

Moreover, to hire new staff, there is a need to buy new laptops and computers. We have to face a lot of difficulties to carry out official tasks as the new hires have been adjusted with some senior staff members for sharing equipment.

Moreover, to train newly appointed staff, there is also a need for multimedia, projectors and soft board and we require it on immediate basis. We are direly in need of this as soon as possible to make certain the smooth operating of the office to carry out a healthy environment.

To ensure a trouble-free environment and get rid of the element of the hassle it is a humble request to you to give kind consideration to my request as soon as possible.

I have attached the list of all the basic tools and materials that are needed to carry out official tasks. It will be very difficult for us to work on a daily basis if we are not provided with all the basic equipment.

I hope you will give kind consideration to my request and will do something in this regard. I will be very thankful to you for this.

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