Letter to Disagree with Student Suspension

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I am John Lawrence, father of Betty who has been a student of 8th grade in your ABC School. This letter aims to be written regarding the disagreement on the decision of suspending Betty from school for no solid reasons.

I received a letter from her school yesterday about her suspension. It was mentioned in the notification that she remains absent from the school and skips her classes frequently.

I really got astonished after reading this statement and seeing her name on the absentee list. The reality is the opposite to it, I had been sending her to school daily for the past two months and she did not remain absent even for a single day. You can get it substantiated from the school’s attendance tracking record.

As far as being absent and skipping classes is concerned, my daughter told me that she never did so. You can ask her classmates to confirm this.

I am worried about who provided this false information to you. Being his father, this is a matter of great concern for me. Therefore, I have written this letter to speak in detail about this matter to you.

The accusations made against her have no solid grounds and I request you to find a solution by pondering over the matter. I am sure that this notification has been sent to me mistakenly or that someone tried to create this misunderstanding intentionally.

As this letter was sent to me by the principal, therefore I want you to give me a chance to clear my stance and doubts. I want to meet you in this regard on Friday and I am hopeful from your tough routine you will find some time for me.


Hello Mr. Steward, hope you find this letter in the best of health. I had tried to reach you through email and your phone number but I was not responded to. Later I decided to send you this letter as I had not overheard from you regarding the severe ongoing matter for a few days.

I need to inform you that your daughter Darcy will attend school postponement for the next five weeks. She was charged for the bullying and tyrannizing her classmates vengefully and heartlessly.

I am really concerned about this matter as when I called out in my office to investigate the matter she laughed hysterically and did not discuss anything with me at all. This behavior of Darcy cannot be accepted at all and is a red flag for me. I do not know through which problem Darcy is going through but the situation is very critical.

Please mark the date in your calendar that from 12th March, 20XX to 15th April, 20XX, Darcy will remain under suspension. She will resume her postponement from 17th April to 22nd April. Darcy has been one of my brilliant and intelligent students of mine and I could not expect this behavior from her at all.

I totally disagree about her suspension but to bring her to the right track was the need of the hour. I would like to have a meeting with you in this regard, so please come to meet me as soon as possible.

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