Failure to Perform Job Duties Letter to Employee

This is a type of letter that an employer writes to his employee when he notices that the performance of the employee is deteriorating every single day. The basic purpose of writing this letter is to inform the worker that his performance is being monitored and it has been seen that he is not interested in his work anymore. In most cases, the employer reprimands the employee or warns him so that he can focus on his work without any unnecessary distraction.

Why it is important to write?

It is not possible for an employer to ignore the negligence of the employee at work invariably. The employee will continue to ignore his job unless he comes to know that he is under observation. This letter is a type of feedback for an employee.

After reading this, he can easily guess if he can expect the company to give him a promotion or any raise in the pay scale. The employee also tries to improve his performance because it is very easy for him to anticipate the consequences of not being a watchful person.

Who should write this letter?

The person who has been tasked with the responsibility to keep an eye on the work of the employee should write this letter to the employee. The employee should also know which person has the authority to write this letter so that he can take it seriously.

How to write on failure to perform job duties well?

It is very important to write a letter in such a way that the employee can feel the seriousness of the matter. Sometimes the employee does not realize that there is something wrong with his performance and therefore when he receives this letter, he gets a kind of realization. So, write your letter to make the employee feel that he needs to improve his performance. Follow the guidelines mentioned below:

Write politely:

Employers have the authority to talk to employees rudely when they don’t perform well. However, it is never recommended to do.  Tell the employee that his performance is not meeting the requirements of the company and therefore, he is required to improve it.

Give examples to support your point:

If you think that the employee might argue with you on this, you can give some points that support your argument that the employee’s performance is declining. Make him know that he is under surveillance and his teammates and clients are complaining that the project is progressing too slowly because the employee is unable to work at the same pace as his teammates.

Tell him he needs improvements:

Without wasting time in writing more in this letter about the downturn in the performance, let the employee know that he needs to boost his productivity. Offer your assistance in resolving any issue the employee is dealing with at the workplace. If it is a warning letter, mention it in the letter. Let the employee about the consequences of not improving his performance. Read below the sample letter to understand it in a better way.

Sample letter:

For the past few weeks, I have been noticing there is a decline in your performance. Your work quality is not as per the standard set by the organization. My manager has also confirmed what I have been noticing. There are many such projects in which you are lagging because of slow work progress and your teammates are also complaining about it.

In the light of the issues the company has been seeing with your performance, we have decided to take this matter to a next level and talk to you about it. I think that I am left with no other choice other than to issue you a written warning.

The company expects you to improve your performance at work and prove that you are an asset to the company. I hope that in response to this letter, you will improve your productivity.  If you want to discuss this matter in more detail, feel free to contact me.

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