Letter to Reduce Hours at Work

This is a formal letter in which you request your boss to reduce your number of working hours. This happens because of many reasons. People write the request letter to ask for decreasing working hours in different ways depending on the situation in which they are writing this letter.

This letter is deemed a professional way to communicate a request to your manager.  You should try to gather enough information regarding the procedure that must be followed to convey the message. 

People request a reduction in their time of work because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons is that they want to balance their personal and work life which has become difficult for them because of long work routines. Some people also want to work less because of their health issues. In some cases, people try to pursue their passion by working less and focusing more on their goals. 

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages to writing this letter to the manager. Some of these advantages are:

  1. People can focus more on their personal life when they get a reduction in working hours. When you don’t have to spend a long time in the office, they can get ample time to stay with their family. In addition, they can also spend time focusing on their health. This way, they can improve their life. 
  2. People become more social when they have to be away from work and live more around their family and friends. 
  3. People get the opportunities to get rid of the unnecessary burden they have to shoulder at the workplace just because their manager believes that they spend a long time in the office and they should utilize every minute of their time serving the company. 

Main points to remember:

Following are some basic points that should be kept in mind:

Discuss the reason why you need decreased working hours:

Some people don’t get the approval of their request and have to work in the same routine because they fail to tell why they need this to happen. When the manager is not convinced about reducing the number of hours, it will never approve the request. Therefore, never forget to mention the reason. Also, make sure that the reason you give makes sense to the reader.

Discuss how you will cooperate:

When the employee requests to spend less time in the office, he should prove that he will remain cooperative and loyal to the company. The willingness of the employee to cooperate with the company should be demonstrated in the letter. 

Sample letter:

I am Mr. ABC, working in the sales department of the company for 10 years. I am writing this letter to make a humble request to you to reduce my work hours. I am compelled to ask for this favor because of the new addition to my family. I have been blessed with a baby girl recently and I believe that my family needs more time of mind. I think that I must pay more attention to my wife and my daughter. 

As of now, I am working 50 hours a week. However, I want a reduction in working hours by up to 20 hours. I trust my abilities and believe that I can easily manage my work responsibilities in 30 working hours also without disturbing anyone. I assure you that the reduction will not impact the company at any level. In addition to it, there are also some extra duties that I have been fulfilling and now I want all these responsibilities to be delegated to others. 

I am so thankful to you for providing me with enough opportunities to work and grow. Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We can meet and discuss how a new schedule can be created and implemented. I am looking forward to hearing from you.