Complaint Letter to Principal about School Canteen

We often feel the need to write to the principal to inform him/her about the condition of any part of the school. The higher authorities in the school can take notice after receiving the complaint and they can take steps to improve the quality.

A complaint against the cafeteria is taken down when someone feels that people in the canteen are not working honestly. When the food of the canteen is unhygienic, it puts the health of every person visiting the canteen at stake. After you have felt that the canteen of the school needs improvement and the staff needs to be reprimanded, you should be brave enough to address your concerns in the form of a complaint letter.

When you realize that many people visit the shop and devour the food which is not being prepared to keep the hygiene principles in consideration, you should do a favor to all those people and write a letter to address the issue. Unhygienic food can lead to lots of problems such as food poisoning and in some cases, it can be fatal. To prevent such worst things from happening, the issue should be communicated to key stakeholders.

If you are someone who wants to protest on getting poorly prepared food or on the sale of overly priced food, you must know how to do it efficiently. Read the tips given below:

Give your introduction:

While you criticize the canteen, you must give your introduction so that the principal can know that you are someone who is an activity engaged with the school and its canteen. Mostly, people pay no attention to the protest letter written by someone outside the school. Therefore, it is better to write a letter when you are a student or a faculty member of the same school.

Tell the purpose:

Mention the purpose at the start of the letter to make it easy for the reader to understand the context of the letter while reading it. The purpose should be communicated in a precise way so that it does not give dual meaning to it.

Specify the issue:

Although you have mentioned the purpose of the letter, now it is time for you to be specific and tell the principal clearly about the areas in which he needs to bring improvements. if you have found more than one issue, mention them one by one.

Close the letter effectively:

In the end, tell the principal what you expect him/her to do after reading this letter. Also, ask him to visit the canteen and conduct a probe into the complaint.

The sample letter given below includes a complaint against the canteen of the school.

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My name is [NAME]. I am a student of grade [X], section [X]. My roll number is [X].

I am writing this letter to bring the canteen of the school to your attention. The cafeteria of the school is in very condition and after giving one visit, one can easily say that the canteen is so pathetic. The food being sold in the canteen is so unhygienic. The fried food is prepared in used and low-quality oil which is extremely harmful to our health. In addition to it, I happened to buy food from the canteen which was served to me on dirty plates.

The prices of food sold in the canteen have also hiked up but the quality is not being improved. In addition to it, the menu has very limited items in it.

If you want to talk to me about the condition of the canteen, you can be in the office to see me. Furthermore, I would like to ask you to give a visit to the canteen and see everything I told you with your eyes.