Quotation Letter for Legal Services

A quotation letter is a formal letter written by a seller or a service provider. It entails the prices of all products or services as per the customer’s demand. Customers inquire about a quotation letter from a manufacturer or service provider to quote the prices of the products so that they get an idea if the product can be afforded or not. Additionally, the manufacturer also provides details about the terms and conditions for the application of products.

Quotation letters are written in response to the quotation request by potential customers. These requests can be sent by any company or researcher or student to inquire about the cost of specific products. Quotation letters are made on letterheads to speed up the process.

Quotation letters can be used for various purposes such as,

  • It depicts professionalism and seriousness towards the business of the manufacturer.
  • Allow customers to make a budget about the expenditure for purchasing any item.
  • Provides all the prices of products so customers can decide if they are affordable or not.
  • Allow customers to know about the current availability of any product or service.
  • Helps in reimbursement during the cases of exchange or refund.

Legal services are defined as the services provided to the clients in accordance with the law. These services are provided by professionals, people who understand rules and regulations of law, to the people in need. Some services are provided free of cost while others are charged by the lawyer.

Sample letter

I hope you are enjoying good health. I appreciate your attention towards our firm to take care of your legal side of the business. In past, we have represented many businesses and companies and taken care of any issue that may arise due to our competent and professional team.

I understand your concern regarding our competency and intellect, but I assure you that you do not need to worry about any matter. All the members of my team are foreign qualified and understand laws related to business and other affairs.

The services you seek to achieve are handled by two professionals from our team as they have expertise in the field but nonetheless, the whole team will be at your disposal. We charge clients based on their service requirements as they vary from client to client. The services that you acquire will be charged $1M per month.

Additionally, our team is well-qualified to provide assistance to any individual member such as maintenance cases, bail, or any other legal matter.

We seek to take full care of your business for you and leave you free from any worries or legal matters. In case of negotiations or amendments, kindly contact us at our official mail or office. We will be waiting to receive your response to this quotation letter.