Maternity Leave Letter to Employer

Respected Sir, It is stated that I, Erica Hahn, have been associated with your company for 4 years. I work in the capacity of a manager and lead a team of 5 competent employees. I have always been punctual and hardworking at what I do and have secured major projects for the company.

I am writing this letter in continuance of my previous letter, in which I informed you about my pregnancy and expected date of delivery. Currently, I am in my 3rd trimester and my delivery date is approaching rapidly therefore I want to seek your approval for a maternity leave of 3 months from 15 Jan 20XX to 15 Mar 20XX because my expected delivery date is 20 Jan 20XX.

These 3 months will give me enough time to take care of my baby and keep him my priority without any other worries. As an infant, a child requires more time and effort therefore I will not be able to join work in person. I have already decided after my maternity leave is over.

During my pregnancy, I have tried to complete all my projects and some of the pending projects can be completed in my absence, by my team. My team is more than capable of handling all tasks that they might receive during my absence. If I am allowed then I am willing to work from home, a month after my delivery, if my assistance is required in any matter.

I will be available by phone or email to discuss projects or attend meetings. On the other hand, you can appoint my replacement to work in my stead and take on the projects with my team.

I wish to join the company after my maternity leave is over. Working after a baby will not be easy but I have high hopes that I will be back with more strength and a fresh mind and contribute greatly towards the company’s success. I assure to inform you beforehand if I plan on leaving or applying for an extended leave after my maternity leave.

I am unsure about the circumstances that I will face after I have my baby. I am sure you understand the gravity of the situation here and will give me leverage on this matter.

I am beyond grateful for your policy regarding pregnant employees because it not only provides me with 3 months’ leave but I will also receive my pay for these months and will be able to join my position, once I am back. For expecting women, it is the most stress-free situation as they do not need to worry about pay and their jobs during this time as it adds further to the difficulties of a mother. I thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.


Erica Hahn
Manager at XYZ Company
Contact: 494 566 566
Address: 45, Moon Street, Chicago, America

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