Re-employment Offer Letter

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Dear Ted, hope you have been enjoying life at its best, I am CEO of XYZ Enterprises, and I am offering you a job for the post of executive manager in the finance department in our organization.

As you have already provided your services to this organization for more than twenty-five years, it is a matter of great honor for me to see you back with us in the organization. In case you consider this offer letter, you are supervised to head to Miss Nancy in the HR office within twenty days of the deliverance of this letter. We are providing you numerous benefits along with this offer letter and below are some of its perquisites:

You will be entitled to use the car of the company for personal use except for matters of the company. You will be provided per month 1500$ in addition to your salary as a fuel allowance. Your salary package will comprise 450,900 USD annually together with your basic salary of 230,000 USD as well as an annual augmentation of 30% percent.

Please note that this increment will only be applicable in case you and your teammates give adequate performance. As you are supposed to be an executive manager in the finance department so nature of your job would be to look through all kinds of financial matters. Depending upon the situation, the nature of your job when required can be changed and the CEO will be the final authority for taking this decision.

Your performance will be evaluated every year by the board of directors of the organization and your contract will also be recommenced every year on suggestions from stakeholders. Keep this thing in mind that the nature of your contract is temporary, and it can be terminated at any time.

I am hopeful that you have gone through all the terms and conditions of this reemployment letter. Kindly let us know if you want to rejoin then we wholeheartedly welcome you and encourage you to join us as swiftly as possible.

It would be a great pleasure for us to have you back in the office again. For any further queries, you can contact in the head office of the company in this regard. Thank you.


This letter has been written concerning your application you had forwarded to the head office of XYZ Organization on [Mention Date]. You had asked for re-employment in our organization and we are pleased to let you know that your application has been considered as a consequence, you are being disseminated this offer letter.

We are offering you the position of Sub Director of our organization and here you will be enjoyed the following privileges:

You will be offered a handsome salary 700,000$ per annum along with a basic salary of 300,000$ with an increment of 25% every year this amount will be added to your salary, and it is subjected to competent work performance. You can avail of 24 leaves per annum, and they will be paid leaves.

In case of further leave, your salary will be deducted based on the nature of the circumstances. You will also be entitled to use the company’s car and you can use it for personal use too.

In case you are agreed to the terms and conditions of the agreement then you are bounded to follow the rules and regulations of the organization strictly and these may change off and on. You are directed to adhere to the disciplinary policies of the organization.

Your job’s nature will directly be related to higher authorities of the company, and they will deal with all your matters. It does not mean that we will terminate your contract on your bad performance. Any suitable reason will be accompanied for terminating you.

You are bound to perform extra duties whenever you are asked to by higher authorities and you will be bound to follow their orders strictly. While signing this contract, you are agreeing that the nature of your job is not fixed but it can fluctuate at any time by higher authorities.

If you are consenting to withstand the terms and conditions of this letter, then we heartedly welcome you and you are directed to go to the HR office as soon as possible within the issuance of 2 days of this letter.

As you have already given your services to the company so we can expect that you will contribute to the success of the organization. Thanking you in advance. In case of further queries, you are directed to meet Mr. Luther as he handles all kinds of queries.

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