Complaint Letter to School Administration about Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a school plays a big role in providing a favorable environment to students who spend a reasonable amount of time in the school to fulfilling the objective of learning. Due to this, the infrastructure should always be the priority of the school. Unfortunately, some schools don’t care about the physical structures and facilities that are provided to students and staff members. Doing so, they fail to deliver effective teachings to the students.

It is a formal letter in which the sender of the letter protests due to unavailability or lack of sufficient resources in the institute. This letter draws concerns about the entire structure and the system of the school.

Who writes the criticism letter about the system of the school?

In general, there is no restriction as to who can write this letter or who cannot. In most cases, students of the school write this complaint when they fail to get the necessary facilities in the school. The faculty members also suffer when the system of the institute is not according to their expectations therefore, they also write often to address their issues and concerns.

Parents or guardians of kids also write to the school authorities when they notice that their child does not have sufficient resources in the school that other schools do provide. The stakeholders of the school need to know who has come up with the complaint.

Who can be written this letter?

The authorities of the school are often sent the complaint because they have the authority to get things corrected. Usually, the principal of the school is referred to whenever there is any issue regarding the infrastructure.

If the school is one of the franchises of the big system, the authorities of that system are sent the complaint so that they can intervene in the working of the school and take necessary measures to ensure that children are studying in a suitable environment without facing any problem.

When to write?

A complaint letter is a kind of feedback and schools generally give a lot of importance to such complaints as they allow them to improve their services. However, the complaint should be written at an appropriate time. When you feel that the system of the school has deteriorated and it needs immediate attention, you must write a complaint. The complaint can also be written when you learn that students in the educational institute are suffering due to a lack of sufficient facilities.

What should be included?

The main elements of this complaint letter are:

Introduction to the letter:

The reader should not be confused when he starts reading the letter. Therefore, he should be informed at the very start that this letter is to protest not having good infrastructure in the institute.

Description of the complaint:

Another component of the letter describes the complaint briefly. It must tell what made you feel like writing this letter. You can mention the problems with the physical structure of the school and many other issues that you think are required to be addressed.

Discuss what needs to be done:

In this part of the letter, you should describe what the reader should do to improve the system. You can simply ask the authorities to pay attention to the school and take steps to bring improvements.

Sample complaint letter:

Subject: Complaint letter about the infrastructure

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to draw your attention to the poor infrastructure of the school. The building of the school is too old and worn out and it needs immediate repairing. I have been teaching in this school for more than 4 years and I have been noticing that the condition of the school is getting worse with each passing day. The students are also unable to access clean drinking water in the school.

I would like to request you to come and inspect the entire building of the school so that you can see how much funds are needed to repair the school.

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